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Moon Audio IEM Silver Dragon


Pros: Low transfer of noise through the cable, looks nice

Cons: Connectors are very susceptible to breakage. Sound quality is a minor upgrade compared to the OEM cable. The cost does not match the service.

I have two of the silver dragon cables.  One for my $1000 IEMs and one for my $1400 Senheisser.  I purchased from Moon Audio because the vendor was at an audio show and a couple other vendors said that the folks at Moon Audio are straight shooters.


I think the people at Moon Audio have good opinions, audio taste and good ears.  They also resell some good name-brand electronics.  But, each of my two silver dragons has been sent in 1x for service.  Each had problems with the connectors.  Each time, Moon Audio blamed me for the problem and reluctantly repaired the cables.  The second cable was repaired and it came back in worse condition and they blamed me once again.  I did myself a favor and purchased the replacement connector on-line and did the repair myself.  Problem solved.  It sounds better too.  I'm not interested in doing business with cranky people.  I put Moon Audio on my junk e-mail filter.


I've been upgrading my electronics and now know I need to upgrade to a serious cable.  I am also developing the opinion that I can build a better cable than the silver dragon for a fraction of the cost.


Moon Audio has an aggressive weekly e-mail campaign.  I have asked to be removed three times.  Maybe this review will get the job done.


Pros: They Sound good

Cons: hugely expensive, nominal improvement, customer service sucks

Here's my email thread with Drew.   You decide for yourself if my comments are unwarranted.


Comment: I bought a set of Silver Dragons for my SE535s about a year ago. I use them about once a month when flying so they are still in virtually new condition but the connector with the red dot isnt working properly. The connection clicks and mates with the IEM but there is a problem where the wires connect to the connector. I've reversed left and right and have isolated the issue to the connector with the red dot and am absolutely certain the problem is with the wires leading to the connector because wiggling the wire works temporarily. How can I get them fixed? Thanks Howard Olsen


It looks like you have broken the wire somewhere in the connector, maybe accidental yank. Manufacturing defects are covered under a 1 year warranty. Wear and tear is not covered. Manufacturing defects typically happen in the first month or less. Our IEM Headphone cables use Plastic Injection Molded Connectors for the IEM side of the cable. These are not off the shelf connectors. They require a Plastic Injection machine which is quite expensive to operate. We have to produce these cable in batches of hundreds. Thus we can not mold just one cable at a time as it is not cost effective. So repairing the IEM connector is not possible. If your cable is less than 1 year old and you are the original purchaser we can swap out your cable for a new one for 50% off the cost of a new cable plus shipping. If the issue is on the amp side connection, this more easily repaired. These are off the shelf connectors. And is usually a small fee or no fee depending on the issue. Since it is on the IEM side and a little out of warranty, I will still offer the 50% off replacement. So total would be $92.50 for a new cable shipped.

My Response  I have to admit I’m more than quite disappointed.  I’ve used those cables maybe a dozen times and you wont even find any soil on them.  I treat everything I own with respect and care including those cables which due to their cost have been treated with kitt gloves.  Please return the damaged cables which I believe to be a defect and not a result of mis-treatment to me and thanks for nothing.  Comment
For Cables that cost close to $200 I dont think that counts at decent customer service.



Somehow I cant respond to comments, but YES.  You are correct   That was the response when I sent them the cables.


Pros: materials, audio fidelity

Cons: quality assurance, finished product, comfort, customer service

I purchased this cable with the connection type to fit my Westone UM Pro 50 IEMs. My UM Pro 50 IEMs already delivered great sound with the stock cable, but I wondered if it could be improved even more. With the promise of good reviews here and elsewhere I also purchased this cable. When it arrived I attached this new cable, but I noticed a few things in doing so. The connectors on the cable that plug into the IEMs are made of metal and there are some rough edges still left on the surface from the casting of them. These rough edges affect the comfort level of using these cables, since the rough edges rub against your ears. These cables are also heavy, which is to be expected of this kind of cable. However this added weight combined with the rough cast metal connectors makes long term use of these cables fatiguing to the ears. With the stock cable of my Westone UM Pro 50 IEMs, I could use my IEMs all day long with no fatigue or discomfort. With the Silver Dragons I could only use them for several hours at most. I realize that most people will not be inconvenienced by this, but for professionals who use these for longer intervals this is an issue.


The other thing I noticed when installing this replacement cable was that the left and right channel connectors did not have the same fit. The connector for the right channel has a very tight fit and does not wiggle at all or even swivel. The fit was so tight that I did not notice any snap to confirm a proper connection, so I wondered if it was connected. The connector for the left channel though is quite loose and wiggles significantly, to the point to where it felt like it would fall off. It plugged in with so little pressure that I wondered if it was really connected even though it snapped into place. When it swivels and moves I can hear static and audio distortions in the audio in my left ear. I tried reversing the channel cables with the left and right IEMs to see whether this was due to the cable or the IEMs themselves and this showed that it was because of the connectors on the cables, not because of the IEMs. Thus even though I did appreciate the improved audio fidelity from these cables, the static and distortions resulting from poor quality assurance ruined my experience. In the end I decided to use the stock cables for their superior comfort and lack of static and distortion. About a week after I purchased my cable they sent me an email requesting feedback and positive reviews. By then I had enough listening experience to respond and I politely inquired if these issues I mentioned were customary for their cables, to which (now two months later) I still have received no reply. Now I can boast that I have the most expensive spare cable collecting dust in my spare cable drawer. Until Moon Audio improves their quality assurance and customer service I cannot recommend this cable to anyone.


Pros: Beautiful construction, soft but sturdy, possible changes to audio

Cons: Mine has a cubed right angle jack that doesn't work with my Nexus 4 case; want to reterminate with the ViaBlu when I get the cash

I got my Silver Dragon in a trade, and am really loving it. I will probably come back to do a more in-depth explanation of the differences I hear on my UM3X between the stock EPIC cable and the SD.


For now, suffice to say I am definitely impressed by the construction. The cable is thick and obviously sturdy, but also very flexible and soft. All of the strain reliefs and connecting points also feel strong and are flexible where they need to be. Despite the lack of memory wire, the cable tucks snugly behind my ears and doesn't give me any problems.


I do hear some changes in the sound that I cant just ignore. The bass feels lighter and tighter, and treble is much more prominent. The overall sound feels less thick, and the soundstage seems noticeably wider; listening through my HRT Microstreamer, my UM3X made me believe that rumbling thunder in The Magic Flute was coming from outside; I've never experienced that before when listening with the stock cable, or any IEM, as a matter of fact.


Overall I'm loving the Silver Dragon and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to other UM3X owners; I got a good deal in a trade, and, being a lowly retail drone, wouldn't have purchased it at the retail of $185, but if you have that kind of cash and want a lighter, tighter, wider sound from your UM3X, give it a shot and see what your ears tell you.

Moon Audio IEM Silver Dragon

The Silver Dragon IEM is a coaxial design using a 99.99998% UP-OCC Stranded Silver 26AWG center conductor for the positive leg. The center conductor uses the same Kevlar reinforcing as the other Dragon cables. The center conductor is wrapped concentrically by a 99.99998% UP-OCC silver plated single crystallized UP-OCC pure copper stranded 26AWG gauge conductor with 7N purity 99.99998%. Now that is a mouth full:)

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