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Monster Turbine Pro Gold In-Ear Headphones Reviews


New Car Smell


Pros: Great highs and low extension, tip fit and accessories, accessories, accessories!

Cons: Mids (vocal range, specifically) are a little recessed

Well, this has been quite the turn of events! I had auditioned a full-sized Monster headphone, which I felt rather negative about, but the Turbine Pro Gold (TPG from here on) caught me quite off guard. Overall, the TPGs are excellent sounding, have superior build quality to many earbuds and IEMs I’ve owned/seen and offer a wide array of tips for fitted comfort, so let’s explore what makes these so special! …After I make some tea.   Build Quality   Sorry, I made some toast too. Let’s put it this way, the majority of headphones, earphones and IEMs have are largely made out of plastic and other hilarious materials that make folks cry when they’re paying large sums of...
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Brilliant sound for bassheads but saddled with poor ergonomics.


Pros: Smooth and forgiving sound, Not fussy about amps.

Cons: Poor ergonomics and comfort, occasional bass bleed, and relatively narrow genre bandwidth.

First off is full disclosure.  I received the Turbine Pro Golds free of charge from Monster to review as part of their “Turbine Challenge” and will get to keep them after the review.  I’ve been known to be critical of Monster’s marketing and legal practices in the past but I do my best to remain as honest as I can and I’m not going to misrepresent the merits of this product based on their other products, what I think of other things the company does, or what they send me for free for no discernible reason.  This is my honest opinion presented in as uncolored and unbiased a way as possible.   Since I’m prone to rambling and digressions I figure I should start this...
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Monster Turbine Pro Gold In-Ear Headphones


Pros: Wide frequency response, comfortable to wear

Cons: mid's slightly warm

Monster Turbine Pro Gold In Ear Headphones Monster sent me these in-ear headphones at no charge in return for me writing and submitting a fair, honest review.  This review is my own opinion and was not influenced or guided in any manner by Monster. The primary attribute of good headphones is to be comfortable.  They must provide hours of enjoyment without you feeling like your ears are going to fall off.  These in-ear headphones meet this criteria.  They are a pleasure to use.  Monster provides a number of tips whereby you can find one that will be comfortable as well as create a good seal.  The seal is paramount for any in-ear headphone to produce good...
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In Ear Speakers Indeed ...


Pros: Bass, Mid-range, Treble, Fully Well Displayed. Precise sound produce .Wide array of Ear bud Sizes .Beautiful Luxurious Travel Pouches.

Cons: Black coating of the Monster Logo at the back of the in-ear speaker comes off when scratched

  Comfort                                                                                                                 ...
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not so good of pops


Pros: bass

Cons: human sound

It is not suitable for pops, human sound has been covered by its bass. however, violin performance is perfect.
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