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Monster Turbine Pro Copper In-Ear Headphones Reviews


sounds good, poor build quality


Pros: wide sound stage, accurate sound

Cons: heavy, ear piece disconnected after only a few months

Terrible build quality, the "copper" color disappeared after one-two months, plus the "copper"part disconnected from the silver part, cable noisy... well... sounds good, if you use it at home...

Monster Turbine Pro Copper

Purchased these at the amazing price of $95cdn on a boxing day sale.   Amazed with the sound right out of the box. Has bass emphasis but not overpowering where it ruins the mids or highs. Mostly in the sub 100 hz range. They are very detailed for a dynamic driver. To me these sound better then my AT M50's for mobile use.  The highs are sparkly and clear and mids are great too. They are not neutral but have just enough colour to make the music nice and smooth. Great, enjoyable headphone to listen too. I highly recommend taking a listen if you like dynamics and are wanting great clarity as well in an iem.

First pair of high-quality IEMS


Pros: good sound, great soundstage for an IEM, Good customizable experience, Great warranty.

Cons: sound could be better for the price, as well as one of the cases.

I saved up for these headphones for a longtime and finally got them on the 15th of June.    They were my first pair of truly high quality IEMs, and besides my Sennheiser hd280s, my first real delve into Head-fi land.    Sound seemed AMAZING at the time, but as I listen more, and I heard the UE triple-fi 10s, in my opinion they are a little over-priced at 400. Only get them if you can get a for maybe 350, around there. The detail and soundstage on these is blow-your-mind for an IEM    The tip selection is nice, it would be hard not to find a comfortable tip.    Kind of in a rush right now... Will elaborate later :)    ...
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MTPC – a perfect IEM for “not so serious” audiophile


Pros: Full-blown bass;Great sound from portables;Good low-volume sound;Easy to put in / take out;Nice tips and their choice;Plenty of accessories;Stylish

Cons: Cable tangles easily; Doesn’t like warm sources

Pros comments Excellent tips and their choice: Tips are critical for IEMs sound and comfort and MTPC has the excellent stock tips. From numerous tips I tried, MTPC rubber tips are the most comfortable to wear and convenient to insert. The previous favorites were Sony hybrids, Shure E2c and Jays rubber tips. MTPC foam tips are also top-notch, in terms of sound, comfort and durability. Gel-filled tips look promising, but unfortunately do not fit my ears. Plenty of accessories: cases, ear tips holder, shirt clip and so on.   Best uses Portable Electronics Travel Delta-sigma budget DACs   Disclaimer I was given this product as a gift in exchange for writing...
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Great IEM, but can be better.


Pros: Sleek design, Sound, Warranty.

Cons: Eartips size, Driver Flex.

Disclaimer:  This review is part of the Monster Turbine Challenge Review program where selected Turbine models are provided to applicants free of charge in exchange for honest reviews.   I have been keeping my eyes (and ears) on the IEM market for the last 5~6 years now. If we were to go back to 2008 and before, the upper end of the IEM market was mostly dominated by balanced armature (BA) based canalphone (‘IEM’ for short) while the lower end was all dynamic (moving coil) based. That had been the trend going back almost as far as the birth of IEM as a new type of earphone. But since last few years, there has been an influx of higher and higher end dynamic IEM to the...
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goods and bads i suppose


Pros: look and sound, awesome warranty

Cons: price and

the goods~ these things sound great for people who like to just listen to their music and for other personal use. they also look really nice, and come with a lot of options for fitting them well, and with two really nice cases. come with a lifetime warranty where if you break the headphones yourself, they send you another pair.   The bads~ my first pair of them broke, which was really too bad. i know it wasnt my fault, but im not going to believe that all sets that they put out are the same. anyways, i also feel that there is just way too much bass coming out of them. their whole marketing ploy is that they are for "audiophiles and audio professionals only" they dont...
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Moster Copper Pro+Cowon+Fiio


Pros: These are the richest sound performance earphones from a long list of eraphones I had

Cons: None

I am listing some of the earphones that I have bought. Koss, Sony, SoundMagic-30. Last one I bought was the Monster Turbine Pro Copper. After I gave it a burnin test for about 40 hours, I tried to listin to some of my favoutite music that I have heard from the other headphones. Since I was always a HiFi enthusiast, I was really amased with the sharp detail, extended dynamic range and the most important the separation of the instruments. I am using tha following: Cowon S9 32GB + Fiio E5 head amp + the Moster headphones. This combination gives me one of the richest sount experence that I have heard. My Hifi system consists of Yamaha NS1000(Berillium Tweeter and mid-range) Yamaha M4...
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Excellent all round IEM with tons of charm


Pros: excellent all round IEM good for any genre

Cons: requires an amp or more volume to get best sound

First I would like to thank Monster for selecting me to review one of their latest IEM offerings. I received a free pair of Copper’s to review but would also like to point out that I also had bought a pair prior to being selected to review them. I accepted the free pair so I could experiment with the burn-in process and see if it could affect the way IEM ultimately sounded (more on this in the sound section).   To start I would like to say that Monster does one thing EXTREMELY well, they make it easy on the newcomer to Hi-fi. I say this because their products include everything a new IEM user would need to have a successful start with their new IEM. This isn’t to say that long...
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