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Legit buyer, so not given to review, I bought them & I Love them ;)

A Review On: Monster Turbine Pro Copper In-Ear Headphones

Monster Turbine Pro Copper In-Ear Headphones

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Pros: At this price point & when used with the perfect fit Supertip = Unbeatable

Cons: Monster thx to Mr Dre = branding gets a bad name, unjustified IMHO

1st off I bought these so I'm not 1 of those reviewers that get things to keep if they give reviews etc...

To the IEM's then ;
Here in the UK the cheapest price for mine's (control talk version) is about £250 these days I think.
I bought them 2nd hand from a friend, receipt & verified real, but beware that IMHO if you see these too cheap to be true = they will be fakes as Monster headphones are the most copied ever I think.

Now I'm not going to bore you to death with long winded words & so called "Audiophile" terms those kind of people like to use like "has a lovely colour spectrum" = Eh hello we're talking about SOUND here, so my review is pretty straight to the point & doesn't contain any **dophile terms tongue.gif

The IEM'S once you've found the perfect fitting Supertip for them be it a gel or foam pair = Give you exactly what U put into them IMHO.
U use them with an iPod & your not going to really get great results due to the iPods quality, so try & use a decent source is my advice.
My weapon of choice for my Copper Pro's is my Colorfly C4 Pro which will make your copper's sound truly exceptional.
Extreme clarity & very very true to the source, so if your listening to say a CD/ WAV Quality track be it jazz/ pop/ hip hop/ classical etc... You should get a lovely true sound not clouded by any of the 3 ranges at all, as in the bass is nice & tight, the mid is exactly where it should be IN THE MIDDLE & the treble (hi's) again are right up there & @ no time sound overpowering or give any hiss...

Now I have tried a good few headphones in ear, on ear & over ear but I always find myself reaching for these when I want my clearest sound, so all things said & done I guess these IEM'S are exceptional value for money as IMHO they beat a lot of the other big boy brands like your AKG, Sennheiser, Bose & we could go on all night spouting out names/ brands... But I'll stick to my Copper Pro's thank you very much as they just sound so good for their price that they slaughter the competition IMHO...
NOW All the AKG, BOSE ETC... FANBOYS FEEL FREE TO LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS BELOW, but do try & use normal words that describe sound & not the colours of a rainbow please.

In summary I think I've yet to listen to any type of song be it pop or even techno & not think that these sound great smily_headphones1.gif
Thx for reading.


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