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A Review On: Monster Turbine Pro Copper In-Ear Headphones

Monster Turbine Pro Copper In-Ear Headphones

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Pros: Deep, well extended bass, warm mids, crisp, clean highs; look gorgeous, lifetime warranty, for the price I got them, best sound quality possible.

Cons: Extended wear (6+ hours~) discomfort starts to occur, fakes are EXTREMELY common as with a lot of Monster products. Soundstage is a bit narrow. DRIVER GRATTLE!!

Monster TurbinePro Copper:


  Bear with me since this is my first real review. I'm basing this review solely off of first impressions, with photos and extended analysis coming later. I've been looking for a decent IEM to use with my portable set-up, (IEM > L9 > iPod Classic 4G > E07k) nothing fancy, just something to take with me, and relatively inexpensive. The MTPC's have always been one of those "I wish I could have"'s for ages and when I found a new, authentic pair for 125$, I jumped on them immediately. 


Aesthetics, Packaging, and Build:


 For starters, these IEM's are packaged beautifully. The outside, diagramming and basic advertising of the phone's is a sleeve that slides off revealing the hard, and sturdy cardboard case that holds the Coppers. Inside you find the Copper's themselves, two carrying cases, (One hard sided, and one soft pouch), two pairs of flanged tips, three pairs of regular rubber tips, and two packages of the trademarked Super Tips, one containing a variety of sizes in silicone, and the other in foam. 


 The Copper's themselves are assembled entirely of metal and weigh a ton more than any IEM I've ever used. They look like they'll withstand quite a bit of use, and even if they happen to break, Monster will replace them free once, no matter what happens.


Sound Quality:


 So onto what most people care about, the SQ of the Coppers. 


 Before I go into detail, the analysis below was based off of about 25 hours of listening, using the Fiio e07k, off of an iPod Classic 4G


Music Used:




  Immersion - Pendulum

  21 - Adele

  19 - Adele

  Fallen Empires - Snow Patrol

  Dear Agony - Breaking Benjamin

  Colour the Small One - Sia

  Want - 3Oh!3




  Fade Into You - Mazzy Star

  Super Bass - Nicki Minaj

  Beethoven's 5th in C-Minor

  Alive - Krewella

  Daddy Sang Bass - Johnny Cash



Bass - 10/10


 Now please remember that this is based solely on my tastes, and that I've never heard better than these IEM's. I find the bass of the Copper's to be among the most controlled I've ever heard. The overall bass presentation has great impact without affecting the rest of the spectrum. Listening to house beats like Alive, or The Island are new experiences, leaving behind the muddy midrange of the Skullcandy's and Beats, and giving me the bass I missed while using the Shure SRH-940.


Midrange - 9.5/10


 Now when it comes to the midrange of the Copper's, its forward, warm and smooth. (Just as the box says :DD) Female and male vocals both sound amazing, and songs with little instrumental accompaniment shine. Instruments also sound wonderful thus far, going from the highest bass note, to the best guitar riff, I'm loving them.


Highs - 9/10


  One place in that I felt the Copper's were lacking in terms of total performance were the highs. Coming for the treble emphasized SRH-940's, it's quite a change of pace to experience these slightly rolled off highs. They are still present to the extent of keeping cymbals and snares sounding nice and crisp, but the overall sound signature is... I shouldn't say muffled, but more or less warmer than the 940's.


Soundstage - 7/10


 Nothing really special to report here, the soundstage is about average to my ears.


Instrument Separation - 9/10


  Instrument separation and imaging are almost on par with that of the Shures. Songs like Our Truth and Misery Business are actual enjoyable to listen to, and don't sound like a jumbled mess of music. Very nice.



Overall: 44.5/50 ~ 89%


When it comes down to it, the MTPC's are a great IEM, even for the price that they are running for right now on Amazon (279.95$) and I would definitely recommend grabbing them if you can find them secondhand for less than 200$. Monster really did a great job with these earbuds, greatly surpassing their muddy past involving the Beats. If you are looking for a near-audiophile sound signature that's fun and warm, grab these. The bass may not be quite what most bassheads are looking for, and as far as I can tell, they benefit a bit from an amp. More to come, pictures as well.


Thanks for the read! ^^


~Koda Fenrari..



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