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Monster Turbine Pro Copper In-Ear Headphones Reviews

Positive Reviews


Monster Turbine Pro Copper Review, Great IEMs With Customizable Experience


Pros: Great sound, great accessories for customizable user experience, better quality audio for the money than competitors, great warranty for portable unit

Cons: While comfortable for IEMs, they're IEMs! Packaging brags and labels users

I was selected to review these headphones in exchange for honest review, that review follows: I have used a lot of different headphones of varying prices and have been enjoying the Monster Turbine Pro Copper headphones ever since I received them.  In short, they are now my IEMs of choice. Before even listening to the headphones, I was impressed by the packaging and the way I could customize my experience with them.  The attention to detail on the packaging (like the little fabric loop and magnetic closure that makes opening the box easy yet keeps it closed when desired) told me that Monster was thinking about the whole offering experience.  Upon opening the box, I was...
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Negative Reviews


Very disappointed with these IEM's


Pros: Solid Build quality, nice cable

Cons: Constant faults, sound quality for the price.

After reading many positive reviews of these headphones I was ready to purchase these in a heartbeat. When they arrived at my door I was very impressed by the packaging; high quality, professional and neat. When I first hooked these up to my iPod i was pretty impressed by the sound quality of these IEM's. However, after about a week ago I found that these headphones had severely diminished in sound quality and sounded like they were underwater. I then realised that it must be a loose connection.  I then took advantage of the warranty available with the shop I purchased these from, and I sent them back feeling a little down that these didn't last very long.  I week after...
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More Reviews


Mixed Feelings.... Hard to say goodbye


Pros: SQ overall; Build; Packaging; Warranty

Cons: Bit heavy on the base; Fatigue to wear after couple o' ten minutes; easy to get tired of

  SO, lets get on to it. The MTPC's are a pair of IEM's that are in a very akward position. It is quite pricy and rejected by the "purist audiophiles" that dislike the brand of Monster, due to the Beats Phenomenon; it is not picked up that well by non-audiophiles due to the muddy SQ a bad amping process can give it. But these are actually a hell of a pair of headphones, and Monster is a company that has earned my respect.   So these were my first "Audiophile" grade headphones. I had been fine with my Beats Tours prior to this purchase, and I never realized on what I was missing out. Once I purchased these, there was no turning back. I was blown away by how good headphones...
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My perfect in-ear headphones.


Pros: Perfect sound quality and cable too, really good build quality, too much accessories inside the confection.

Cons: Price, a little bit delicate.

Perfect sound quality and cable too, really good build quality, too much accessories inside the confection.. however they seems a little bit delicate and the price is too high, but considering the build and the sound quality, the price can be really good for these in-ear headphones. I've buy them 1 year ago, and they remeins my absolute favourite, especially with a good amplifier.

One of the best IEMs


Pros: Clear and detailed sound, deep bass, lifetime warranty, great accessories

Cons: A bit too much bass, build quality control

The MTPC produces a balanced, detailed, and neutral (a slight warm) with bass-boost sound-signature. One of the best in-ear headphones I've ever heard but for bassheads.  

Beats the Beats


Pros: Good sound quality, two carrying cases, plenty of tips included

Cons: Build quality suspect, picky about fit/insertion depth

I got these about a year and a half ago as a Christmas gift, and they've been my companion for some time until the left earpiece one day began outputting a significantly lower sound level than the right. The build quality in general had always worried me, with the drivers rocking a little in their outer casing, the stress relievers at the earpieces actually coming off and sliding down the wire, and other weirdness. However, they did last me for over a year, and Monster's warranty should cover it.   With that out of the way, the sound quality is rather excellent for an IEM, as is the isolation. With the proper tips, most outside noise fades away, and you're left with good, tight...
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Legit buyer, so not given to review, I bought them & I Love them ;)


Pros: At this price point & when used with the perfect fit Supertip = Unbeatable

Cons: Monster thx to Mr Dre = branding gets a bad name, unjustified IMHO

1st off I bought these so I'm not 1 of those reviewers that get things to keep if they give reviews etc... To the IEM's then ; Here in the UK the cheapest price for mine's (control talk version) is about £250 these days I think. I bought them 2nd hand from a friend, receipt & verified real, but beware that IMHO if you see these too cheap to be true = they will be fakes as Monster headphones are the most copied ever I think. Now I'm not going to bore you to death with long winded words & so called "Audiophile" terms those kind of people like to use like "has a lovely colour spectrum" = Eh hello we're talking about SOUND here, so my review is pretty straight to the point & doesn't contain...
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For Once, you get what's on the box!


Pros: Deep, well extended bass, warm mids, crisp, clean highs; look gorgeous, lifetime warranty, for the price I got them, best sound quality possible.

Cons: Extended wear (6+ hours~) discomfort starts to occur, fakes are EXTREMELY common as with a lot of Monster products. Soundstage is a bit narrow. DRIVER GRATTLE!!

Monster TurbinePro Copper:     Bear with me since this is my first real review. I'm basing this review solely off of first impressions, with photos and extended analysis coming later. I've been looking for a decent IEM to use with my portable set-up, (IEM > L9 > iPod Classic 4G > E07k) nothing fancy, just something to take with me, and relatively inexpensive. The MTPC's have always been one of those "I wish I could have"'s for ages and when I found a new, authentic pair for 125$, I jumped on them immediately.    Aesthetics, Packaging, and Build:    For starters, these IEM's are packaged beautifully. The outside, diagramming and...
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In My Opinion - An EXCELLENT set of In Ear Headphones!

  When I bought these headphones, I knew going into it that there of folks who don't like the sound of these, but I'm not one of them. I actually really like the sound that these In Ears have, and they are a great set for me to travel with.    I won't go into all of the details of the other reviewers because they have done an amazing job unpacking all of the details of the good and not as good aspects of these MTPCs.    I'm not someone who listens to headphones hoping for a flat neutral sound. I like my buds to have some tuning that emphasizes the bass in a clean, clear and deep bass without sacrificing clarity of the mid-high range. The MTPCs are...
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Great set of buds, although a bit upscale on the price.

 - A bit expensive for in-ears that don't have a detachable cable, although it comes with a lifetime warranty which is what you pay extra for.   - SQ is great for the music i listen to. (Hip-hop, progressive rock, r&b, pop, house, dubstep)   Highs are very sharp and clear and offer no sibilance at all. Mids are smooth. Precise bass, including sub-bass and mid-bass.   - The design on the MTPC is great. Very modern, chrome finish and eye-catching.   - The included ear-buds offered me less than average comfort. Only two pairs of tips out of the dozens of tips included in the box. I set out to buy a set of t-400 comply tips and im currently...
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sounds good, poor build quality


Pros: wide sound stage, accurate sound

Cons: heavy, ear piece disconnected after only a few months

Terrible build quality, the "copper" color disappeared after one-two months, plus the "copper"part disconnected from the silver part, cable noisy... well... sounds good, if you use it at home...

Monster Turbine Pro Copper

Purchased these at the amazing price of $95cdn on a boxing day sale.   Amazed with the sound right out of the box. Has bass emphasis but not overpowering where it ruins the mids or highs. Mostly in the sub 100 hz range. They are very detailed for a dynamic driver. To me these sound better then my AT M50's for mobile use.  The highs are sparkly and clear and mids are great too. They are not neutral but have just enough colour to make the music nice and smooth. Great, enjoyable headphone to listen too. I highly recommend taking a listen if you like dynamics and are wanting great clarity as well in an iem.
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