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Monster Turbine In-Ear Headphones Reviews


Great IEMs


Pros: Amazing Bass, Great Highs, Do Not Fall Out Of My Ear, Very Durable

Cons: Mids Sound Very Muffled And Recessed

These are some great earphones! The bass and sound quality is great, and they are very durable, though the mids are very recessed and muffled. They stay in my ears very well, and are pretty comfortable and do not hurt my ears at all. The only thing that I noticed is that the mids are sort of recessed. Overall, for the price, great earphones. Definitely recommended.

Basshead IEMs


Pros: LOTS of accessories, metal housing, Monster Cable brand name.

Cons: Very hard to find the perfect fit, microphonic cable

This is my first time using a pair of decent IEMs, I have to say, I am not disappointed.    Fit : This is the turbine's worst aspect. I have rather small ear canals and used the smallest round tips it came with, it was perfectly fine, but the smallest tri-flange tip refused to go inside my ear canal and I am stuck with only one pair of usable tips.    Build: The turbine's build quality is not impressive but it is not bad either. I'd say its above average. The cable is thick, but not so thick that some one could accidentally choke you by pulling it. The Y section was ok and does what is its supposed to do, which is pretty much nothing. The housing is made some...
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Overall satisfying IEMS (just not for me)


Pros: Decent isolation, powerful bass and low end, overall good sound quality (with right fit)

Cons: Just don't work in my ears, occasionally muffled mids and vocals

I'll say right off the bat that this is my first pair of remotely high-end headphones, and one of my first major reviews. So try to forgive incorrect terminology or generally novice-sounding terms.   Moving on, I'd also like to note that I received an older edition of the Turbines; mine had the right-angle connector and 2 cases (both of which were suede-esque material).   On to the review....   I first listened to these right out of the box. I was impressed. Moving up from a decent pair of Creative in-ears that came with my Zen X-Fi, I found these had much higher sound quality. The packaging itself was quite nice, a high quality box with nicely organized...
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I was so let down


Pros: sound isolation, styling/design, accessories, packaging

Cons: discomfort, sound,

ok first off this is my first review on ANYTHING. so bare with me if its dumb. but let me just say im no audiophile and im not rich and cant afford to try alot of different phones. im just a guy who hates getting swindled. so thats why i do tons and tons of independant research before i buy any kind of electronic. with the turbines, i would seriously say i have read at least 75-80 reviews on them AND the pro copper/golds, from alot of different websites, i researched them against different types of phones and i even looked at the more scientific side of things like ohms and output impedance and stuff like that. the monster family of phones get a overall positive feedback amungst the...
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Experience with Monster Turbines


Pros: Solid Bass, Takes little to drive them (doesn't need a lot of volume to make them kick butt)

Cons: Highs and Mids are dark / veiled sounding, Fitment - the rubber isolation buds could be better

Value: I would obviously rate this very high since I got these from a good friend who never really used them and sold it to me for (ok, expensive ones at that) peanuts (He has a couple of Shure's that sounded much better). For the money I paid for the sound it produces though (I guess I'm spoiled by my over ear headphones) I would rate it a solid 4 out of 5 in terms of value.   Audio Quality: The bass is very good, it's very solid sounding and punchy. The highs are thin and veiled sounding and the mids are darker sounding that I would want them to be.These buds do have a decent sound stage but it isn't very wide. The way I perceive it is that the bass is very slightly...
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Great all-around 'don't overthink it' canalphones.


Pros: Sound quality & 'all around' sound signature.

Cons: Quality control issues, seal issues.

This set really impresses me every time I use them, they have great overall presentation & ability.  Tuned for all-around use, they are very well balanced, with ample & precise bass, decent mids & decent highs.  There isn't anything snazzy about them, but they are great to just grab & not overthink.  Definitely not made for critical listening but great for just enjoying music with good quality sound.   I highly recommend them if you can get them on a lightning deal for $79, but they are a decent deal at any price under $100.  There are many other options out there, but this set really satisfies a niche for me, of high quality & good...
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An experiment in Monster - Not disappointed.


Pros: Excellent clear sound, great packaging, solid construction, good accessories

Cons: Fit is awkward, tips provided may not be suitable for a select few, pretty thin wires

I decided to ditch my Shure E105 because they were just all midrange and even though a tight bass the bass had no presence.   Enter the Monster HP In-Ear Speaker. Yeah Monster is big on calling them speaker not headphone.   What struck me immediately was the clarity and punch. These definitely have punch and depending on the type of music you listen to it can be very easy to get enveloped in such richness. Take for example the track Monte Gargano by the Truckfighters, wow. Super kick drum and just full sound and while they are stoner/fuzz rock you could still clearly hear the highs on the high hats.   I have 2 tests for testing the clarity, presence for punch,...
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