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Great pair of IEMs

A Review On: Monster Turbine In-Ear Headphones

Monster Turbine In-Ear Headphones

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Pros: Stylish, Lots of bass, not much bass bleed, good mids

Cons: Heavy, hard to get a good fit

I got a pair of Monster Turbines for my birthday about a week ago. After I opened the box, I noted to myself that the smell wasn't that bad. I read somewhere about somebody complaining that they smelled atrocious, not the case with my pair. I took them out and listened to some Kendrick Lamar with them... I was extremely surprised at how good they sound. My other pair of headphones are XB500's, and I prefer these to the XB's to the point that I am considering selling the XB500's.


The bass is not as quantitative, but I just like it more. I'm a major bass head, more than others. In my car the EQ on my stereo is usually at about +5-6/7 (mostly because the mid range sounds terrible at +7, some songs I turn it all the way up though) and I find that these have the perfect amount of bass for me.


The bad: they are heavy. Heavy to the point that they hurt my ears, but it is never bad enough to take them out. However  take that with a grain of salt, that is coming from someone who has only ever owned comfortable headphones. I don't even know what uncomfortable is, probably. ( I have owned Bose AE2, XB500, had my brothers Beats Studios for a day)

Y splitter for the separate ear pieces is dead center when I try to fold up these things and put them in a bag, which makes it impossible to fold them up that way without potentially causing damage to the cable... Heres a picture below

Also, I can't seem to find the perfect ear tip with these. I will probably end up with some Sony Hybrids.


Overall, I love these headphones. They sound great out of my iPhone 4 and offer everything I could want in a pair of IEM's, but I am no audiophile so I can't say if some of you veterans out there would be pleased with them. To your average listener, I think these are of an outstanding value, even if you pay the MSRP at $100 (got them $80 at amazon)


Here are some pictures;


Sleeve that they come in




Magnetic box inside the sleeve




Contents of box (I had already taken the headphones out at this point)




In all their glory




2 magnetic pouches that were included




Here was what I didn't like. Folded 3 times they are too big to get in either of the pouches. They wont fold a fourth time because this splitter is in the way... It does not slide.




Splitter and L-jack.



Thank you sooooooooo much for writing this review. My sony MDR-XB 500 were recently stolen when my house was broken into. i have been hoping and praying that i could find a review where someone would compare the 500 and the monster turbines, which i feel for sure will be my next headphone purchase now.
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