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Pretty Decent IEMs

A Review On: Monster Turbine In-Ear Headphones

Monster Turbine In-Ear Headphones

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Pros: Good sound, relatively precise. Awesomely decent.

Cons: Too heavy, horrible tips.

The Monster Turbine in-ear headphones are very good bang-for-your-buck IEMs.  The bass seems slightly more powerful than other aspects of the sound signature to me, but some people like this type of sound and to be fair the bass is not bad.  Let me explain: some cheap earbuds have one generic bass sound.  Skullcandies have a kettle-drum BOOM.  Urban Ears have a pleasent THUMP.  Turbines have it all- they replicate many different bass sounds with relatively accurate precision (and yes, accuracy and precision are too different things).  The mids on the Turbines are also good- they lack some of the crunch that make some earbuds so fun, but they are pretty accurate and certainly not in any way disappointing.

The highs fluxuate.  On hip hop, rap, R&B, and other high-hat heavy genres the highs sound good.  On some classic rock or classical, they sound less so.  They are never shrill or painful, though.

The panning is not very exciting.  Sennheiser products tend (IMO) to exagerate the soundscape, whereas these seem to underperform where soundstaging is concerned.  However, they occaisionaly sound absolutely superb (like on the Bride and Prejudice soundtrack) so really, again, these earbuds seem to live up to my summary of "quite decent."

The build is tough, but it is far too heavy as a result.  Heavy earbuds can get uncomfortable, and hanging one earbud while listening to the other doesn't work because the hanging but is so heavy it pulls the other out of your ear.

The wire could be thicker, or even removable. Mine just broke after four months of four to five hour a day use, and I'm going to sauter it this weekend.

So, to conclude, these earbuds are superbly moderate, fantasticaly decent, and pretty much worth exactly (no more and no less) than what you paid for them.

Also, the buds themselves do not stay in my ears well at all.

One last note- this earbuds have amazing noise cancelation.  They isolate more than some active noise isolating buds I've tried.


Sorry for the typos and I hope this helped,



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