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I was not impressed.

A Review On: Monster Turbine In-Ear Headphones

Monster Turbine In-Ear Headphones

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Pros: Small, no amp required, beyond gorgeous

Cons: Less than stellar sound, not advertised correctly

The Turbines are so-so IEMs with muddy sound that left me fairly disappointed.



The build on the Turbines is stellar. I purchased these before I began taking-care of my belongings, and they survived even the heaviest abuse. They've been crammed in pockets, run through the washing machine, and dropped countless times, and they still look brand new. The metal buds are extremely durable, fairly heavy, and just feel expensive. They're also very beautiful, and fun to touch. 



This is where the Turbine falls short. The sound is not bad, but it is beat by many cheaper IEMs. The bass is very heavy, and is almost always out-of-control. The mids are the best part of the Turbine's sound, but they are often destroyed by the overpowering bass. The highs are very disappointing, to say the least. Crash cymbals, screams, and synthesizers sound as if they're being muffled by a pillow. Even though the sound quality is nothing remarkable, the noise isolation is phenomenal. Even the noisiest buses are made nearly silent by the incredible Monster Super Tips. I often stick these in my ears while I'm drumming, because they isolate noise better than ear-plugs do. 



The Monster Turbines look and feel expensive, but they do not sound the same way. To the average listener who is often in noisy places, the Turbine is a fairly decent pair of IEMs. Unfortunately, with so many other IEM options (most of which are much cheaper), I cannot recommend these to anyone.


Agreed with your points - was disappointing!
Aww, can't you compare them to $70 IEMS? The turbines are always under a hundred on Amazon, and the golds come closer to $170 than the regulars.
I suppose under $100 would be a fair price for the Turbines.
But for under $100, you can still find many IEMs that sound much better.
Turbines for me were worth around $50, no more.
Ah, yes, the Turbines. Bass monsters, with less than adequate transient response between the attack and decay. I remember these "monsters."
I don't understand any of this audiophile lingo! The bass from the Turbine is overpowering, and annoying - it's as simple as that.
Agreed on that statement. :)
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