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A Review On: Monster Turbine In-Ear Headphones

Monster Turbine In-Ear Headphones

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Pros: LOTS of accessories, metal housing, Monster Cable brand name.

Cons: Very hard to find the perfect fit, microphonic cable

This is my first time using a pair of decent IEMs, I have to say, I am not disappointed. 


Fit : This is the turbine's worst aspect. I have rather small ear canals and used the smallest round tips it came with, it was perfectly fine, but the smallest tri-flange tip refused to go inside my ear canal and I am stuck with only one pair of usable tips. 


Build: The turbine's build quality is not impressive but it is not bad either. I'd say its above average. The cable is thick, but not so thick that some one could accidentally choke you by pulling it. The Y section was ok and does what is its supposed to do, which is pretty much nothing. The housing is made some kind of metal and definitely beats the cheap plastic you normally see on cheap earbuds. 


Sound: The bass on the turbines extends very well, I currently don't have a good amp on my macbook so I can't test exactly how low it extends but it should be lower than 35hz. The turbines are not the most analytical IEMs ever, but you can hear everything in your recording. The bass quantity is enough to satisfy most basshead but for the most hardcore bassheads out there, I'd suggest checking out the Hippo VB, some bassheads think they have too much bass. They can be used for Classical music but they definitely not the best choice for Classical listeners, the signature for the turbines is really meanr for Hip-Hop or EDM. The soundstage on the turbines are ok compared to my Ultrasone PRO550, not as good, but not bad either. 


Conclusion: If you are looking for a basshead IEM, these are definitely worth $100 IMO

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lifetime warranty too.
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