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A Review On: Monster iSport LIVESTRONG® In-Ear Headphones

Monster iSport LIVESTRONG® In-Ear Headphones

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Pros: great fit, washable

Cons: bloated bass, recessed mids and highs


Let me start by saying this is my first review here on head-fi and I would appreciate any feedback good or bad. Also I purchased these for $30 and will be reviewing them as $30 earphones. 



I think that the design is my favorite part about these earphones. I have always had issues with earphones falling out and never being able to move with them in my ears. That is not an issue at all with these once they are in my ears they are there until I want them out. This is great particularly for working out which is what I use these earphones for mainly. These earphones are very customizable and this great fit should be attainable for everyone.


Build Quality 

The build quality seems pretty good to me. I am no expert here but I know that I do not worry about them breaking almost no matter how I use them.



The packaging was nice and it made me feel as though I was part of a club or something special because I bought these headphones. The packaging here was actually nicer then the packaging for my TF10's.




The bass is the defining sound on these earphones much like Beats or other bass heavy models. The bass is overpowering and creeps in on the mids and highs drowning them out. This is rather annoying to me but can be fun sounding on some songs. I am admittedly a little bit of a basshead but these are just to much for me even.



Very recessed not much to talk about I do not like them as I feel as though I am missing a good deal of the songs. Mids also seem to lack detail when they are present. 



Recessed but not quite as bad as the mids in my opinion. Lacks sparkle and detail gives off a very dark sound.



I tested these with my Schiit stack (magni/modi) as well as straight out of my phone and computer. I think that they sound slightly better out of the amp. With more controlled bass and it seemed to gain a little bit of that detail that it was missing before. That being said I do not think that an amp is very practical with these (for working out at least).



I did an A-B of these with my UE triplefi 10. I think that the TF10's are superior in almost every way. As I was listening to the music back and forth I kept finding myself yearning for the TF10's with the iSports on. The TF10's are just more detailed better sounding earphones in my opinion. Songs used for comparison: Hot Sauce by Jessy J, Sail by Awolnation, The Reaper by Blue Oyster Cult, Not Afraid by Eminem, Streets of Gold by 3OH!3, and Symphony No. 7 by London Symphony Orchestra. The only song that was even close in my opinion was Streets of Gold by 3OH!3 the iSports sound was kind of fun for this song but still missing details. 



I am happy with my purchase of these. For $30 they do their job in my headphone collection. They have a great fit and their sound is acceptable for $30. I think that for $30 these are a great buy but I would not spend more then $50 on them. Hope this was helpful.


so could we describe these as sounding like headphones on steroids?
I am not sure that I understand what you are saying exactly. If you mean they sound like standard earbuds on steroids I guess you could say that. They have a higher quality of sound then the earbuds but also have a more bloated bass. Hope this answers your question.
really not bad for a first review though you did give them 4 stars in sound and based on what you said it sounds like they would be getting maybe 3 stars in sound haha :P But yeah... very readable, not too much audiophile vocab" which really doesn't help sometimes lol
Thanks for the review. I like the detail. Do you mind putting it into the context of your workout? I really appreciate reviews that also detail the kind of exertion and how loud you have them and how long you have them in. For example, some of my workouts are on the street & I need to be able to hear traffic but still get a nice sound at lower volume. Other times I'm hanging from rocks with the volume WAY up. Finally, how are they customizable and how do you know that "... this great fit should be attainable for everyone?"
Hey sorry it took me so long to get back to you I had to catch up on a whole bunch of home work that I skipped to watch all six Star Wars. Addressing the should be a three in sound quality you may be right about that but i think that for a $30 earphone they have acceptable sound and I thought that it was slightly over average for $30. For the workouts my workouts are mostly not to rigorous they are mostly lifting/jogging and they last from 30 minutes to two hours. The headphones can get a little tender on your ear for very extended periods. The traffic thing could be a bit of a problem for you because for the most part with the music on you can't really hear anything. Lastly i think that the fit should be attainable solely because of the amount of customization options that the tips and in ear braces have. The come with a great amount of both and i found a great fit and i normally have a tough time with that. Hope this helps.
Where can you get them for 30?
They are 150 here if you would translate it.