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A Review On: Monster iSport LIVESTRONG® In-Ear Headphones

Monster iSport LIVESTRONG® In-Ear Headphones

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Pros: Customizable fit, very good overall range, cool looking, don't fall out, cheap,

Cons: Hard to get in if you don't have the perfect pieces,

   As I got a new iPhone 5 because my old one broke I decided to get some in-ear headphones while I was at it. I have owned a lot of different in-ear headphones before, but over the past few months I haven't had any. I had a pair of Shure, that were 170$ I do not recall what model, these surpass them in many ways. They aren't like Beats, my Shure reminded me greatly of Beats Solo, however these are something different. These are a true pleasure to listen to, they have some traits of higher end headphones. You can feel the music (to an extent, its not that great). They look uncomfortable when you see them, but once you find the right ear piece and hook, they are easy to get into your ear so they actually sound except able, and you hardly know they are there. If you do not have it perfectly in, it will sound horrible, so your ill be quite aware they aren't in.  These actually can get to highs that Beats cannot, and don't have the horribly muddy bass. These are one of my favorite headphones to listen to, and they top Beats, and Bose in my opinion, for 100$ you can't go wrong with these. 


Do they have the boomy bass of beats?
In my option Beats don't have very much bass really.... its too muddy and just sounds muffled at times, (I used to own Solos) . However these headphones do have a pretty decent bass, its not necessarily super heavy, but it actually sounds pretty good.