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These headphones are a piece of crap

A Review On: Monster iSport LIVESTRONG® In-Ear Headphones

Monster iSport LIVESTRONG® In-Ear Headphones

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Pros: Bass is on the heavier side. Headphones stay in ear well once you find the right fit.

Cons: Durability is terrible. Mids are way too recesed. Bass is a bit bloated

First of all, I am not a audiofile with several pairs of $1,000 headphones. I am more of a casual listener but I do like good sound. This is also my first review on head-fi so give me some feedback on this review.


  For a long time I was happy with cheap headphones, apple, JVC, skullcandy, etc. Well after a while I wanted some more serious  headphones  for some heavier listening so I picked up some Isport immersions. I had them for about 4 months. At first I loved the bass that I got out of the better headphones but after I got used to them I realized that bass was too bloated over the rest of the sound. The mids where terrible and I felt like I really wasn't getting what I had paid for and that I was missing a lot of the song.  It sounded ok listening to dubstep( because of the bass) but once I switched over to some metal and the song quality went to crap. The bass would kick in at odd times and the recessed mids would just drop the quality and make the song sound like it was coming out of a can.

     I did like the way that they stayed in my ears when I was doing things and I will argue for the hate that they get because they are hard to get in. After you have them for a while you get used to putting them in a certain way and It just becomes natural. It is a little hard to get the right combination of the ear pieces but once you get them right then they are fine. The noise cancelation is good too as well as the comfort. They feel really natural and after a while of listening you start to not even know they are in.

   Anyway, I gave them a terrible review for one thing. Not the sound( even though it really wasn't what I expected from $100 headphones). The durability is absolutely terrible. I had them for about 4 months but after a while in the one ear, the sound started to decrease. It was still fine in the other ear but the left ear faded in sound noticeably. The next day I went to plug them into my computer and I got no sound from the left ear. At first I thought I hadn't plugged them into the headphone slot all the way but they where all the way in. I was furious. They where never abused, and never mistreated.. I looked in the manual and saw that they had a one year warranty. Sent them back and monster replaced them but in the time that I had them the immersions had been discontinued. They sent me back the livestrong editions. I opened them up and the packaging looked great. I had them for about 5 months this time and overall they preformed the exact same as the immersions had. About at the 2 month mark, the glue that held on the rubber strip on top of the in-cord control volume control and mic started coming off. The rubber piece came off all the way and I was disappointed. I just kept using them after that and things where fine for about another month. One of the in ear pieces broke! I was just putting them in one day and They felt weird when I put them in so I took a look at them. I was still mad but I just put some new ones in and kept on listening.. Next month, the inevitable happened. Just plugged them in and one ear just didn't work. This time I was really mad. Not only did the one ear not work but there where the other problems as well., Called up monster again but I haven't heard back yet. Honestly, I don't know If I even want them replaced.

     Overall, these things are a piece of crap. The durability is terrible,the sound wasn't as good as I expected, and I don't want them again. I do not recommend these headphones to anybody unless they want headphone that work ok for a few months at a time. NEVER EVER BUY THESE!

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Well... more of a rant than a review. I like to organize my reiviews with Headers, most of your review is with regards to the build quality, And honestly... honesty is a nice thing to read! I like it anyways, organiziation aside, it was a nice read :3 and I'm always a fan of terribly rated Monster Head phones, I GET that they are getting better but... AWESOME crap is still crap... don't buy monster get something better for less... unless for some crazy reason you want your headphones to look better than they actually sound
Non the less, check out MalVouEx [or how ever his name is spelled, he's the Fellow with a Pipe in his Avatar (usually)] His reviews are excellent, Currawongs are well. Oh and uhh
a_REcording or "Llachlan Likes a Thing" the things in quotes is his uTUbe channel. Those are a few reviews I like! I'd say STEAL their review organization and lay out, then write in your own voice :3
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