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Monster Inspiration Reviews

Positive Reviews




Pros: No need for an amp, booming lows, exaggerated highs, multiple cables, fair build quality

Cons: rectangle design sometimes isn't comfortable, gimmicky replaceable band

These have a very unique soundboard, and shouldn't be written off as some over exaggerated pair of over-ears.   I've had these for over half a year, and they are actually very interesting to listen through.  Everything sounds different, and crisp.  Sometimes the highs are a little muddy, but the booming bass never distorts no matter the volume.     Just try these, they aren't for everyone, but they shouldn't be dismissed so easily.

Negative Reviews




Pros: bass, and sound

Cons: comfort, and looks

i had this pair and it used to get super uncomfortable after 15 minutes of wearing them. Honestly if you like rap, techno, dubstep, or hiphop I would go get the VModa crossfade LP2 for $100 off of microsoft.com because they are usually $140  on amazon.

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Excellent sound quality and design for a slightly more expensive headphone.


Pros: Clear, detailed, tight bass, sparkling highs, clear mids, comfortable, premium design

Cons: Slightly expensive, heavy

First of all let me say these headphones look incredible! Some headphones need to include a paper bag to put over you head when your in public but not these, you actually want people to notice them! Sound quality is top notch but maybe slightly too sharp, details are clearly heard and separation is apparent in the instruments. Bass is very polite and tight with no booming like the Beats line of products. Packaged very well. Overall I can say they are well worth the price and should be on your radar when looking to buy a new pair of headphones.

The Headphone to "Beat," Monster's Inspiration is exceptional in both active and passive modes. Powerful, comfortable, deep, and accurate.


Pros: Very good noise cancellation. Removable cable. Extremely comfortable. Truly full-range. Stylish. Excellent sound quality.

Cons: Monster "brand" and former association with "Beats" made me wary, at least initially.

Dear AKG 701, I really enjoyed our time together. Our long-term commitment yielded some amazing memories. I appreciate your ability to turn heads, even to this day. You are a ravishing work of Austrian art and science.    Dear Pioneer HDJ-2000, our brief time together was a fun fling. I couldn't find anything to complain about, until one day I simply gave you up without a second thought. What happened there? Oh yeah, I forgot... I met a Monster.   OK here's the deal—last week I thought Monster = Bad. Now I think Monster = Good. It's that simple. My search for a pair of headphones that I can honestly describe as accurate, full-range, dynamic, detailed, and...
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Not really recommended


Pros: N/C, full bass, decent mids, fairly good highs, looks, accessories

Cons: Price, Comfort

These headphones are good overall, pretty balanced sounding and I have no complaints really. Just the price and comfort as there are obviously better options at this price point.
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