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A Review On: Monster® DNA In-Ear Headphones with ControlTalk™ for Apple - Black

Monster® DNA In-Ear Headphones with ControlTalk™ for Apple - Black

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Pros: Tight bass, good mids, nice highs. Flat cable (tangle free), apple remote, 90 degree plug

Cons: Made out of plastic, loose feeling center button on remote

The Monster DNA in ear earphones are part of Monster Cable's effort to further distance themselves from the failed Beats By Dre experiment that supposedly took the headphone market by storm some time ago. Have they succeeded in their goal, or have they took a huge step back? Let's find out:


So, a lot of people know that monster cable is an electronic giant, mostly known for their really good sounding turbine line of earphones. and with the DNA in ear headphones, you get a really well rounded sound. With the DNA in ear earphones, you get this glossy black or white plastic completely comprising the earpiece. With the cable, it is a flat wire design, and i can confirm that it does succeed in getting rid of tangles. 


The Apple remote is located down the left of the earphone, and it what i have noticed is that the center play/pause button is a little loose, so these earphones are not as solid as i would have liked.

In terms of accessories, you get a fair amount of accessories, including ear tips, a shirt clip, and a carrying pouch.


I didn't have much to say at the intro of this review, forgive me. With the DNA earphones, you get this really nicely balanced, warm-tilt to the sound, with nice, tight bass impact, balanced vocals, and by that i mean they are not harsh in any way, so you can listen to your vocal tracks and be fairly pleased. The mids envelop you and make you get lost in the music, no matter what kind of song you are listening to. Treble extension is good... a bit bright, if i were to sum it up in one word. But again, these are very well balanced. Now, i am a tiny bit disappointed, because for $99, these are competing with the Audio-Technica ATH-CKM55, some Sennheiser products, and ones from AKG, and among others. So, the overall quality of the sound is sort of mid-fi, but, that is not bad, because for $99 you can't expect much.


Now, before i go, i just wanna talk about the misconceptions that people have about Monster Cable and their products, and that is this: they are not bad at all. Ever since the beats by dre craze has gone away, Monster Cable has really been getting serious about their headphones/earphones. You can't judge a headphone from a 2 or 3 minute store demo, remember that. 


Thanks for checking out this review. Bye.


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