Good earbuds; gorgeous highs, but almost non-existent lows

A Review On: Monster® DNA In-Ear Headphones with ControlTalk™ for Apple - Black

Monster® DNA In-Ear Headphones with ControlTalk™ for Apple - Black

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Pros: Amazing highs, amazing mids, flat cord, in-line controls, comes with a surplus of earpads, build quality.

Cons: barely any bass, price.

I bought these around half a year ago, and have finally come to a decision on how I feel about them.


First off, I paid $70 for these on amazon. At the time, I thought this price was a little lofty, but I figured that "you get what you pay for."


After I bought these I was both pleasantly surprised and hugely let down. The first quality that I noticed was the beautiful mids and highs that these babies produce, but at the same time, there was absolutely no bass or lows. When the beat dropped in a song, I could hear it, but I could not feel it. Bass is more of a "feel" to me; it's like a shock wave that pulses into your ear, but I did not get that at all with these.


Don't get me wrong, these headphones are an absolute joy to use daily.  It handles all kinds of genre's, even without deep bass, very nicely. My favorite genre to listen to with these headphones is synth-pop (Owl City, Lights, Ellie Goulding, etc.) since the snare, or highs, are so prevalent, while the bass is not. Another genre I love is dubstep, and I feel that these headphones handle it like a beast. Finally, I love listening to movie soundtracks with these. The intricacy of, say piano or violin, is especially highlighted with these earbuds.


I'd also like to mention that the hardware of these earbuds is seamless. The flat cord has worked amazingly in preventing tangling. Also, the inline controls are very handy if someone starts talking to you when you have your phone in your pocket. Every single pair of earbuds I have owned so far have ripped at the part of the cord that connects to the part of the earbuds that you put in your ear, except this pair. I have seen no damage whatsoever in these headphones, and I haven't exactly babied them.


So in conclusion, if you love you some snare, and don't care too much for a butt load of bass, then these are the headphones for you. Although the price is, in my opinion, 10-20 dollars too high, you are still getting nice sound, great hardware, and some handy accessories with these earbuds.


How long have you owned them?
Have you tried any other decent quality earbuds or is this a comparison to nothing/ipod earbuds/skullcandy?
Don't throw all SKDY out, all of the newer editions of the Skullcandy line are absolutely outstanding in terms of total value.
I've tried the DNA IEM's and can agree their low end is weak at best, but I own a pair of the Turbine Pro Coppers, and they don't have the bass I was expecting from Monster either :p