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Not good at all compared to others in its price range

A Review On: Monster Beats Solo HD (PRODUCT)RED Headphones with ControlTalk

Monster Beats Solo HD (PRODUCT)RED Headphones with ControlTalk

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Mister A
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Pros: sleek style, big bass

Cons: flimsy, muddy sound, overpriced

For $200 headphones, I gotta say these perform pretty abysmally. I'll tell you about 3 things: design, comfort, and sound. I borrowed these for a week for the purpose of studying them, and the friend I borrowed them from assured me they're real.



These are a nice looking pair of headphones. The sleek design shape and shiny finish make these aesthetically pleasing in a somewhat flashy way. It feels kind of like they were designed to be flashy and easy to show off, especially for high schoolers that want to brag about them.


While the thick plastic headband makes these headphones look strong, they're actually pretty flimsy. The plastic that makes up the headband is brittle and feels like it could break easily if you stretched it a little too far. I had to be very careful while handling these, because I felt like if I wasn't they were going to break. I didn't even bother testing these to see if they could stand up to dropping, because I was almost sure they'd break if I did. Considering the $200 price tag, you'd expect something a little more solid.




These aren't very comfortable to wear, but at least they're not painful. After about 30 minutes, they start feeling like head clamps, so I had to take them off for a few seconds and put them back on. Not a deal-breaker, but it's still annoying.




Bass is definitely the strong point of these headphones. It's very abundant in the sound signature. While I personally like this, anyone seeking an accurate frequency response should steer clear. A problem with the bass was that it sounded somewhat "mushy," not punchy like the bass on my Sennheisers or Bose. I prefer punchy bass over mushy bass.


Mids are nothing to brag about. They're present but sometimes a little overshadowed by the bass. The clarity isn't so good either.


Treble is vieled and rolled off at the top. Some detail is also missing too.




I know it sounds like I'm bashing these headphones, but I'm really not. I'm simply judging them from the $200 standard, and from the $200 standard, they're horrible. If I was judging these from the $40 standard, these would actually have gotten a 4 star rating. If we ignore the price, these aren't horrible headphones. But when you buy these at the normal price, you're overpaying by $160. Is the Beats brand really worth that?


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