Only foolish people would say these are good. Beats have no bass.

A Review On: Monster Beats Solo HD (PRODUCT)RED Headphones with ControlTalk

Monster Beats Solo HD (PRODUCT)RED Headphones with ControlTalk

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Pros: Seal on ear, isolation, louness, comfort. Build quality isn't bad.

Cons: Everything else.

Build and comfort: These cans are compact. I don't know how durable these are. They seal good on ear and gives good isolation. 


Sound: People are saying that beats have earth shattering and well extended lows. These are complete lies. The bass in non existant. What's existant is something heavily bloated around 150-350hz range. 150-300hz isn't considered bass (150hz could be). First time you put them on, you think that people who say beats are bad are lying. But as the music progresses, you feel everything being dissolved in that bloated 150-350hz range. I find £40 xb600, even £20 xb30ex (which is an iem) to be sounding so much better than solo hd. 


Verdict: £130 will be burnt if one pair is bought. 


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