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Monoprice Premium 8323 Hi-Fi DJ Style Over-the-Ear Pro Headphone Reviews


Decent for the price but a little extra is worth it


Pros: Build quality, responds well to mods, good bass response, price, detachable cable, easy to drive

Cons: Extremely uncomfortable stock, can be muddy, mids recessed, small soungstage, crap cables

So I am fairly new to the audio world. The Monoprice 8323 was my second purchase on starting to get into headphones (after Superlux HD681 EVOs). I have had these headphones for about 6 months now.   First the bad things about them. The cables and pads are the let downs in terms of build quality. There are two cables. The first is really long and cheap feeling. It also has pretty bad microphonics. The second is a mobile cable but it is literally the thinnest cable I have seen and feels even cheaper. Fortunately since they are just standard 3.5mm stereo to 3.5mm stereo cables they are very easy to replace. Monoprice has mobile cable on their website for $3-$4 (depending on length)...
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Very good sound for the money! Look for Monoprice sales


Pros: Very good bass response, simple but robust construction, replaceable cord, 1 year warranty

Cons: Earpads are uncomfortable, clamping force on head is a bit too tight

Very nice sound and good bass response for the modest entry price. They are very sturdy, and the 1 year warranty is a plus. However, the black ear pads are far too hard and unyielding. I replaced them with far softer and more comfortable red ear pads from Monoprice, but the clamping force of these headphones still make them uncomfortable if worn for extended periods. The included cable is very thin and a bit short, so I replaced it with a nice braided V-Moda one for only $12. So a fairly substantial total of $56.55 invested, including shipping costs. At that price, a set of Shure SRH144 or SRH145 'phones for $39 are a better buy, sound better and are likely much more comfortable to wear.

Sweaty. Sound is ok but nothing special.


Pros: Good amount of bass

Cons: Gets sweaty after 10 minutes, no sparkle in the sound

I bought these headphones because of all the hype on forums such as this one claiming they are better than headphones costing several times more. Compared to my £150 Grado SR125i there is no contest. The Grados simply blow these away. Before i listened to the Grados I thought these headphones sounded good. But after i heard the Grados i wanted to sell the Monoprice immediately. They are about as good as my Koss KSC75 but with a bit more bass. Now I quite like the Koss, so it is no bad thing being as good as those. But the Koss are £12 earphones, so the price of the Monoprice is about right for what you get. In my opinion, the people who hype these up on forums are too impressed by the...
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Monoprice 8323 budget Cans


Pros: Interesting amounts of bass for a price of $20 - Excellent Portability - 3.5mm jack for removable Cable - Soft Earpads - 50mm Driver

Cons: Cramped Soundstage - Horribly uncomfortable Headband - Somewhat cheap Plastics

Sound/Seal   The Monoprice 8232 are a great headphone for a person that isn't a real audiophile and audiophiles them-self. The headphones give exceptional quality for the price of around $20-$33.   Bass: Tends to get muddy and compromises other audio aspects.  Treble/Flatness: Depending what you do with these, you can tune them to have a flatter frequency than what they have. These headphones have high potential.    I found that the headphones could do well in songs without much bass, but they really started to really fall apart when challenged with high bass songs. If you like bass, you'll probably like these.   The Seal is alright....
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Best Value for Closed Bass-Cans


Pros: Bass Quantity, Decent Mids, High are not harsh. Good clamping force, light, replaceable cable

Cons: A bit muddy on complex music, Almost Zero Soundstage, Mids are recessed, ear pads dont quite go around your ears, and get a bit sweaty

Comes w/ 2 cables - one is short, very thin, and perfect for portable use.   One is bigger, thicker, and perfect for home use. Comes w/ a 1/4 inch adapter that works fine on either cable.   While not the best headphones out there, they rival most sub-$100 cans pretty well.   I would compare them most accurately to Equation RP-22 X ($120 headphones that I thought were a good deal at that price)   The built quality isnt fantastic, but seems sturdy enough. I would recommend these are great beater headphones or great closed headphones for if you are a rare basshead and don't want to blow $100+ on cans for the rare time you listen to really thumpy music.

The absolute best in this price range


Pros: Incredible sound quality for its price, detachable cable, crisp highs, mids are surprisingly good, bass is clean and powerful but not overpowered

Cons: Earpads make your ears sweat, zero soundstage

For a pair of headphones that are only $30, I was blown away by these. They are the best headphones I've heard out of all headphones at this price.   Compared these to some headphones in a similar price range   Auvio HF202 ($40) Koss UR/20 ($25) EarPollution Mogul ($36)   Note- Yes, I realize that the Mogul headphones are terrible, but they fit the price range.   Highs - Highs are clean, crisp, and definitely not fatiguing whatsoever. Better than all of the ones I compared it to.   Mids - Surprisingly good sounding. Like most closed cans, they are recessed, but better than any other can I've heard in this price with mids. Much better than...
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