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Another great budget find.

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Monoprice MHP-839

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Pros: Sound, feel, and look very similar to the M50, but with forward mids. Plus custom friendly cable

Cons: Some initial clampforce, may not be the most comfortable to some

I went straight out of the receiver with these and straight out of my clip+. A-B against my M50s. 

These Isolate extremely well,better than the M50 IMO, have great bass, clear forward mids and detailed highs. The Treble is slightly recessed, but the headphones aren't dark, I actually found them to be more neutral than the M50. Bass extension was great, not as boomy as the m50 which will be a plus for many I'm sure. The mids were very forward and clear, reminded me a lot of my FA003, which is another great headphone. Soundstage was pretty good for a closed can, sounded good with Jazz and electronic music, classical was its weak point but it was dynamic enough to still be enjoyable. Build quality is fantastic, especially for an all plastic headphone; these felt heavy and durable, plus they fold flat and compact just like the M50. 

Out of the Clip+ I found them to be a little veiled. They really need a bit of extra power to sound good, but nothing extreme, I'm sure a Fiio e9 or simply using your receiver (as in my case) is more than enough. 

Compared to other sub $50 headphones these are the best I've heard to date and are significantly better than the Pannasonic HTF600 (another solid budget contender) and would lead me to suggest these over the M50 in all Tight Budget situations. Great for college kids or apartment dwellers (the isolation is great). 

Overall I'd say these are bassy enough to satisfy most bassheads, yet neutral enough to invite the neutral crowd also on a budget. Really dynamic headphones, I implore other head-fi'ers to pick these up and try them out. They really are a solid little headphone. 



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