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Good for the price but slightly overhyped

A Review On: Monoprice MHP-839

Monoprice MHP-839

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Pros: Decent audio, flat sounding (kinda), detatchable cable, folding

Cons: not very comfy

I was very excited to get these and actually cancelled my order for my panasonic htf 600s, which was a huge mistake. They sound ok all around, but honestly these headphones just sound plain wimpy, the midrange is recessed, they don't have a lot of bass (sub bass), and the highs just don't wow me. Maybe i'm spoiled by my m50s, but idk. And these headphones are the least comfortable thing i own, after about 30 min the top of my head starts to hurt.


On the bright side, they are pretty decent all around, i just like a lot of bass and these didn't do it.



sounds better after broken in but comfort is still an issue


Maybe I was a little hard on these 28$ headphones, I was just disappointed by their sub-bass and comfort really, other then that they are great for 28$, except that mine are pretty muddy at times....


They don't have a lot of bass? really? What is causing the recessed mid-range? Excessive amounts of treble? To me they had massive amounts of bass (including lots of bass bleed) and not enough treble. This caused them to sound severely muffled. Perhaps this isn't a 100% identical clone of the Kicker HP541 after all. I do think the HTF-600 is far better.
BTW the frequency graphs don't appear to make them appear to be bass heavy, which is just bizarre.
yeah these are pretty bass heavy imo
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