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Monoprice 8320 IEM Reviews


Good Sound, Lousy Fit


Pros: Best sounding IEMs under $30

Cons: Could never get a good fit

I could never get the 8320s to fit right.  I put on smaller tips (helped a little), put the cord over my ears, in front of my ears, twisted the bud...my ears just aren't big enough.   The 8320s suffer mostly from a bizarre design.  If Monoprice would put the same guts into a standard, straightforward bud I would buy them in an instant.  Soundwise, they are on par with UE SuperFi 4s and MEElectronics M9P, but with larger soundscape.  All of the instruments are very distinctive, even on crappy 192 AAC.  Isolation is poor with the stock tips, better with smaller tips, not great overall.   I wanted to like these so much, but I can't stand wearing...
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Worth the fitment ritual


Pros: amazing soundstage, mids

Cons: have to plan in advance to wear them

Awkward fitment, but pleasant sound.  Good control of microphonics, even without wearing cord up (only really one way to wear it).  R Ch lost trebel after 10hrs of burn in!   2nd pair.  These don't isolate that well, but super wide soundstage, great detail, and suitable amount of bass that extends well into the deep.  Very fun to listen to. THese are definitely mid centric, maybe even bordering on bright.  Bass, as said before is there, even with a good seal, maintains its backstage presence.  Mids and treble are clear with great detail and that superwide soundstage.  Only the awkward fitment, difficult sealing, and de-emphasis of bass...
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Pros: detail and air

Cons: fit

this little acorn has a pretty honest and balanced sound that is musical when used at low volume. The problem for me is the sound tube is too large and uncomfortable. These also need an eq boost in the low mids to fill out the sound and there is a uneven-ness somewhere in the mids that can be distracting.



Pros: Detailed highs

Cons: Tiny soundstage, Poor Isolation/fit

These IEMs were a surprise to me, after all the reviews I read I am still not sure if my pair is defective, but so far nothing seems to show that.   I was extremely disappointed with the 8320. Highs are detailed without being sibilant but I never use mine due to:   -Soundstage is tiny. They sound flat and distant. Sound appeats to come from inside your head, cold and not involving. -Bass is acceptable but depends on good fit. -Format is not very good. Over-the-ears are my favorite but their format does not allow for a deep insertions/good isolation, they are not particularly comfortable. Also despite the format, it is easier to let the cable to down instead of...
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Wow, a nice surprise


Pros: So cheap, yet decent sound

Cons: None.

These little things sound really good, even though they cost less than $8. How do they do it? Everyone should try these at this price, I mean why not? Totally useful phones for nearly nothing. You can't go wrong.

Buy These!!


Pros: Separation of highs, mids, and bass.

Cons: Wire noise

Don't hesitate, just buy these, they are a definite steal for 8 bucks.  I promise you, these headphones will put a smile on your face.  Nice separation of highs, mids, and bass.  It has nice control in high volumes and heavy bass.  Can basically handle any genre you throw at it.....   The texture of the wire does not bother me, i think its kinda cool, i think they are a handsome pair of headphones, though i'm more concerned about the sound.   More for sitting down still and listening to tunes, not for working out (too much wire noise).

I liked them so much, I started importing them into the UK!


Pros: Top end of the value for money spectrum,

Cons: Poor presentation

I am not a regular headphones/earphones user so what caught my eye originally was the articles in Lifehacker. To see a $9 version of anything compared favourably to $100+ version is something to pay attention to whether the item is earphones or cruet sets.   When the shipment arrived I was surprised how small the carton was. I had seen unboxing videos on Youtube and expected something larger for the quantity involved. SO, you can imagine I was a little disappointed to find bulk packed items just in small plastic bags with no packaging at all. Of course, if they had been packed in boxes, the shipping charge would have been higher but I was a little disappointed.   I got...
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Pros: Cheap, Great, Sounds like it costs 10x more

Cons: None really. Bothers my ear after a while.

WOW! These IEMs are amazing especially for the price! Best IEM I have ever owned! I actually prefer listening to some songs in these than my modded ATH-M50s. I have owned other IEMs preferably JLAB J5 those were crap. I then switched to some that came with my Galaxy S3 and thought those sounded pretty good. Than I told my brother about these and he got some. I heard than and was so amazed that I bought myself and pair (Who wouldn't? There freaking 8 dollars!) I was surprised at the bass in these. Some people may not think the have any but there is just a perfect balance between bass and everything else. The bass is clean and not overwhelming the mids and highs are perfect. Just awesome.



Pros: Great audio, comfortable, low cost

Cons: none

I bought these after reading the reviews. Boy, was I impressed. These phones smoke my Klipsch S4's. Although they are IEM's and not earbuds they smoke my Yuin PK1 earbuds too. These phones are the best I've found for under $200, no joke. You'd be hard pressed to find a better sounding IEM for the price, or for that matter 25 times the price. I love them. If they were priced at $100 I would still pay the price for these great sounding phones. What else can I say, BUY THEM!!!!!.
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