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Cheapest Hi-Fi IEM

A Review On: Monoprice 8320 IEM

Monoprice 8320 IEM

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Audio Quality
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Pros: Sounds like Hi-Fi IEM Tight bass, great instrument separation (even for $30-50 IEM) Very Detailed Highs, very fast

Cons: FIT IS HORRIBLE very boring mids

Just want to explain one thing. In my opinion, the reason this IEM is receiving so much praise is it really sound Hi-Fi  It somewhat has lots of elements an audiophile looks for such as speed, positioning, instrumental separation and a punchy but tight bass, thus, making it what we might consider the Cheapest Hi-Fi IEM which, in my opinion, does fit the name of the 8320. 


Warning  as far as my experience went, I would suggest you all leave the other monoprice products alone. I ordered 3 other IEM/earbuds and none of them was even able to touch the 8320's shadow, not even the one that was almost double the price of the 8320.


Hmm, I just borrowed them from a friend for a night. I have to agree with you on just about everything you said. Did you ever find any tips that actually fit in your ears and gave you a good seal?
Also, I thought the treble was slightly unimpressive, moreso than the mids. Both are easily fixed though with a small bump at 1k and a slightly larger bump starting at around 8k and going up from there :)
Nope...No luck on the fit either. The best one for me so far is the Ortofon medium tips.
Regarding the treble.... yeah....I have to say, not so pleasant sounding but still quite detailed.
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