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A Review On: Monoprice 8320 IEM

Monoprice 8320 IEM

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Pros: musical, rythmic, natural, balanced, soundstage

Cons: Stock tips, treble extension, cable,

These are amazing regardless of price. The sound is very likable, energetic, and fun while staying balanced and with natural timbre. The bass has nice impact, just the right amount. And it has decent extension. It is very on time and snappy. Really some of the best bass I've heard from a headphone under $300. The midrange is actually pretty forward sounding, right in line with the bass. It has a lot of detail and sounds natural. There is some cloudiness and fog in the mids, but not from being recessed. If anything they start to sound shout-ey at higher volumes. The treble is rolled off very early and not really detailed at all. The treble is there but stays in the background and never does anything special. But at least they don't fatigue your ears. The soundstage is very very good for an IEM and provides lots of depth and shape. The soundstage and imaging is a big part of what makes these headphones detailed. Everything is placed in a certain spot so your brain can then recognize a sound is being played based on location. This headphone made me realize how much a proper soundstage and phase response makes a big difference. 


What I like best about this headphone is its very easy to see the whole picture, all the details going at once and in sync. My brain finds it easy to psycho acoustically comprehend the sound. With the 8320, its like being in a helicopter high above a forest, seeing every tree and getting a vast picture of what the forest looks like overall. With the DT48, its like being on the ground with a microscope, seeing and smelling each tree up and personal.


A quick word on the rest: Stock tips suck, they kinda look cheap and cyborg like. The comfort is good enough for me. Isolation is pretty weak, not much to speak of but it does offer a tiny bit. It improves little with better tips. The sound will improve a lot, better bass response and an even more full sound. 


I just think these are good sounding headphones regardless of price. They could have changed the tangle prone cable, color the casing, different tips, put a logo on it, and sold it for $100 and I would still buy it. But I do hope they stay cheap. I beleive that eventually, the emerging high end, budget IEM and headphone market from china will dominate this industry. I mean, most headphones don't cost much to make. If you can make a headphone sound like this with dirt cheap materials, then your in business.



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Best bass under $300?
Maybe you've only been on BA earphones...lol?
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