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Amazing sound considering their so so small

A Review On: Miles Davis Trumpet High Performance In-ear Headphones

Miles Davis Trumpet High Performance In-ear Headphones

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Pros: Price drop now, Great All Round Sound, Lifetime Warranty

Cons: Possibly delicate for some clumsy or careless users + Limited Tip supply :(

Had these Little Gems nearly a year now & felt compelled to give a Review (My opinion) of them.
Best start at the beginning then I guess wink.gif

Since I 1st seen these a couple of years back I somehow knew I would end up with a pair as looks wise they are indeed Little Gems biggrin.gif
Once your box arrives = you'll get the typical Monster Fancy Box & inside that lots of other Fancy Pouches/ cases/ Tips/ SuperTips...
Oh & since it's Miles Davis you'll get a CD & Booklet etc etc...
I cannot fault the Presentation type box & supplied goodies that you get with these Buds, Monster certainly went all out to impress.

After your initial Euphoria wears off & you actually remember you have a set of Buds to try here's where my 1 & only problem started with the Monster Trumpets redface.gif
There's a lot of supplied Tips/ Gel Supertips & Foam Supertips, but out of them all = I can only use x2 of the supplied Foam style 1's (a dark & a light pair, same Med size I think).
So I've been very carefully swapping around these 2 pairs (trying & succeeding so far) to keep them in good condition, cause I've contacted Monster & hunted high/ low but...
I just cannot see or locate any spare Tips for the strange size of the Trumpet buds ANYWHERE redface.gif:mad:redface.gif

The above being said = I love these Lil Gems due to the fact that IMHO they sound about %15-20 better than my Monster Turbine Pro Copper's do.
Nice tight well defined Bass, Smooth Mids & very slick Highs & just generally a well rounded type of sound all coming out of these Little Gems cool.gifsmily_headphones1.gifcool.gif

A couple of things to note though & it's these 2 snippets of wisdom = wink.gif
1 : Save yourself some shrieking messed up highs & ill defined bass by giving them a good BURN IN period, I honestly can't remembers how long it was but it was a while & them Bam their broken in biggrin.gif
2 : Good luck finding a snug fitting Tip even out of the generous amount supplied by Monster, I was at 1 point thinking nothing was going to provide a decent seal, so check/ try all wink.gif

After your Tips of choice are found & your Trumpet's are well Broken in = congrats as at some of the cheap prices I've seen them at these days IMHO THEIR A STEAL redface.gif
A good all rounder, not just for jazz... Even a bit of Rap can sound very acceptable on these little Gems...
& oh yeah, Did I mention they just look so so cool redface.gif

Now only 1 problem to solve since emailing Monster = was told tough they wouldn't sell a pack of Tips... So any1 know where I can get more tips ?


I got this earphone in India for INR-24990/- From www.euphonic.in
They are The Best earphone I got after sennheiser.