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A Review On: Micromega MyDAC Asynchronous USB Digital-to-Analog Converter (Black)

Micromega MyDAC Asynchronous USB Digital-to-Analog Converter (Black)

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Pros: Instruments sound smoother, Works great with squeezebox touch over async usb

Cons: Build quality , lights

I am happy with this DAC. smily_headphones1.gif . Instruments sound good. There is a smoothness to the sound that makes me smile.


This was a demo unit, hence the lower price. But the corners of the plastic box do not close completely. So light leaks out, which though non-functional looks funny in the dark of a recessed space. Tape you say? Perhaps. 



Squeezebox touch USB -> Micromega mydac -> PA2V2 -> grado sr 60


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One year update.
Still happy with the DAC. I mainly use it with a computer, USB. However there is one important drawback for me. When the DAC is on, and there is no source playing (lights are white, blinking) there are annoying ~3.4Khz and , ~3.7Khz beeps coming from the DAC. These were not audible in my noisy workplace but in a quiet room at home, they are very annoying. 
I sent it for warranty processing to Audio plus services usa. It was returned: "Noise is normal operating noise".