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A Review On: Metrum Acoustics Octave

Metrum Acoustics Octave

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Pros: Musical, enjoyable, involving

Cons: May not be the most resolving.

I have the Mark I Octave. It has burned in for about 2 months and needs that long for the character to fully stabilize.
After ~15 years of trying to get music from CDs, I have finally found what I was looking for with this DAC. Satellite radio and CDs are quite enjoyable. I prefer this DAC to Schiit Gungnir (more detailed, but too aggressive which made us feel tense), Channel Islands Audio VDA-2 (very nice, but not as dynamic. I now feel that delta-sigma DACs are a fraud to which I fell victim for a very long time. I think that people who are trying to like delta sigma DACs have not heard this one. I cannot imagine someone preferring that other type over this for music enjoyment (I could imagine a mastering engineer using the other type). After years of trying to listen to CDs from various other sources, I thought that most CDs were just mastered poorly and were not enjoyable. It turned out that it was the DACs, not the CDs. Now, music is more relaxing, as I want it to be.
I think that this DAC also sonically gives me everything that I can get from vinyl.
The feeling of never getting the system to where I want is now gone. I believe that my journey that started 40 years ago has ended.
I do not understand why so little is written about these. I think that it has to do with a lot of mis-information or maybe choosing based on measurements rather than the sound of music.


Have the same DAC and prefer it to the EE MiniMax and Havana NOS DAC which I had before because it is more resolving without losing the analog sound character.
Just bought the MKII w/ USB. Very much looking forward to receiving it and hearing for myself what all the fuss is about.

BTW, they are popular DACs in Europe. Very well regarded.
I've had one for about a year and am very pleased. Very similar to my much more expensive Audio Note.I If you're looking for a very resolving yet analog-like presentation at a reasonable price, the Octave will be very hard to beat.
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