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Meier Audio Corda Classic Reviews

Positive Reviews


Review Meier Corda Classic headamp


Pros: neutral and natural sounding, powerfull tight bass, volume control, crossfeed, build quality

Cons: not portable

Hello all. This is my first review and I want to tell you about this fantastic headamp.   A view months back I bought an Audio Technica W1000 (not X !) headphone.   I like it’s sound; very transparent, a  little bright, certainly not dark, a sweet rolled off treble and a very tight, but not to  much bass.  And most of all; very involving.  It has something special, it let’s you here beautifully the acoustics of the recording room.   But it didn’t pair well with my NuForce HDP.  I think mainly because that one also has not much bass.   I am certainly not a basshead, but there must be a natural balance.  With the headphones I...
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Negative Reviews


Quality control lacking


Pros: Sound quality is good when it works

Cons: Quality control lacking

My unit has died twice within the span of a year and a half. First the power supply died, then I got it repaired and sent back to me, and within 6 months it's died again (this time something else, the lights are on but there's no sound...)

More Reviews


REVIEW: Meier Audio Corda Classic solid state headphone amp


Pros: Strong value for money and features

Cons: lacks the transparency and fluidity of the top tier of (more expensive) amps

REVIEW: Meier Audio Corda Classic solid state headphone amp.   Introduction   My first serious headphone amp was the Meier Audio Corda HA-2 Mk II.  It was something of a revelation to me at the time – I had never heard a headphone amp that sounded as good.  I didn’t have much experience with headphone amps back then, and the HA-2 mk II was a huge cut above anything I had experienced.  The crossfeed was especially important to me as I first got used to headphone listening as a serious alternative to speakers.   I’ve probably listened to over 100 headphone amps since then.  Meier has cranked out a pretty steady of very fine headphone amps...
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From the perspective of someone with a hearing disability.


Pros: Crossfeed

This review is intended primarily for those with hearing disabilities.   I just bought the Classic-ff and have been very pleased with it. I did not do any direct comparisons with other amps; therefore, I won't comment on the audio quality.   I am really enjoying the crossfeed function on this unit as it is helping to negate some of my hearing disability. I have moderate single-sided hearing loss in my left ear and the crossfeed is helping me to hear things that I would otherwise not be able to notice. I can now hear those sounds in my right ear, but I can still tell that the sound is coming from my left side. Sounds that normally come from a single channel are now heard...
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Meier Audio Corda Classic and DACCORD. Honesty and quality at a reasonable price


Pros: Strong performance at a reasonable price

Cons: Very little bling, No DSD for the DAC

MEIER AUDIO CORDA CLASSIC & DACCORD “Welcome to Head-Fi, sorry about your wallet!” So goes a common refrain at the biggest headphone forum in the world. The chase for the tone dragon can consume any audiophile or headphonista. The quest to keep reaching deeper into the music is never-ending. One thread discusses “end game” set-ups. Occasionally someone will decide that they have found their ultimate system and everyone else takes odds how long that will last. When I first got involved with audio I worked at a brick-and-mortar audio store. Our motto: “Best sound for the money” – and we strove to make that happen. Sure, we were thrilled to sell the high-priced...
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Great quality to cost ratio.


Pros: Balanced and transparent. No added cost of tubes to upgrade.

Cons: Lacks the warmth of tube amps

BACKGROUND:   After having the experience of using a less expensive tube amp, the Bellari HA540, I was interested in upgrading my desk amp. without going through multiple expensive tube trials.  Tube upgrades add significant cost and time to the process of headphone listening. I also had the positive experience of using the portable ALO Audio MKll amp. on all my current headphones.  I found the solid state amping up to the task of amping my efficient 600 ohm Tesla T1's and my less efficient 600 ohm vintage AKG K240 sextet's.   I spent time on Head-Fi and multiple other web sites researching DAC/Amps at the cost point I was looking for; roughly $1000. The...
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Music enthusiast brief impressions


Pros: Neutral with fast attack and a lot of power and lack of listening fatigue. Impressive value.

Cons: Switches could be centered better in the front plate.

I bought it to use with Ultrasone Pro900 and blue-ray player, tv DAB receiver and of course for music with Daccord. Mine is in silver with red LEDs. Case is very sturdy and build quality at the high level. Front plate is aluminium about 4mm thick. Switches could be centered better in the front plate, however it is not bad.   Everything works like it should. When connected to DAB, sound is much cleaner, without any hiss, cracks etc. With BD player it just gives cinema on your head, power you can feel almost on the chest. Now, music. It is just music, neutral but efficient. I have had possibility to listen to my music for a while in a professional studio, and Meier...
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