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A Review On: MEElectronics SP51-BK Sound Preference In-Ear Headphone with Sound Tuning for iPod, iPhone, MP3/CD/DVD Players (Black)

MEElectronics SP51-BK Sound Preference In-Ear Headphone with Sound Tuning for iPod, iPhone, MP3/CD/DVD Players (Black)

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Pros: Interchangeable rear ports

Cons: You have to be very pretentious to find one, especially when you have three completely different sounding rear ports.

The SP51 from Meelctronics come in a beautiful box, but the real beauty you will find inside. The first impression from them was really good, since i listen to Drum and Bass, as well as Dubstep, most of the time. Some bass lines which I've never imagined that are in my favorite songs, because i used average earphones before, appeared and just filled my ears with joy.


The Meelectronics SP51 are well built, with nice cable. Of course it tangles sometimes, but is easily untangled, not like most other earphones i have seen.


The three ports are a big advantage. I have tried all of them, but of course i picked the black ones.


Metallic color port: This gives you the least bass, and if you are buying the SP51's, i doubt that you will use the metallic ports, since these earphones are created for bassheads.


Silver color port: With the silver color port the sound becomes balanced. For a person who likes quality, and insists on hearing every hit, snare etc., as well as deep bass, these are the option.


Black color port: I really don't know how to explain it. It's like having small subwoofers in your ears. For House, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, even Rap listeners,  you will feel as if in Heaven with the black ports. I am really trying to figure out the best example to explain how cool these really are, but i can't say it with words. You gotta experience it...


Overall: The quality of the sound is perfect. Even with the Extreme Bass black ports, you can easily hear snares, hits, vocals etc. Don't you dare to think that when you put the black ports, the bass will become distorted, and will ruin your favorite songs with sizzling and so on. The price is decent, regarding the awesome experience you get by using the Meelectronics SP51. I know that there are bass lovers out there, just like me, and I highly recommend the SP51 as the best choice.


By Georgi Evtimov


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