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Perfect IEM for the budget bassheads!

A Review On: MEElectronics R1 Wooden Earphones

MEElectronics R1 Wooden Earphones

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Pros: Build Quality, Customer Service, Accessories kit, can be had very cheaply

Cons: Bit Microphonic, Fit can be troublesome

Meelectronics R1 is a perfect IEM for Bass Lovers, With the recent price drop, this is a steal for bass heads. R1 has been redesgined and updated from the initial version and is very much improved a lot in terms of SQ.

A complete review on R1 :

Accessories : My purchase had a pretty good set of accessorries though the official website doesnt show some of them, My R1 package came with:
1) 1 Shirt clip (Attached with the IEM itself)
2) 4 pairs of Clear silicon ear tips (3 sizes Single Flanges, 1 Double Flange )-
3) Hard clamshell carrying case- Pretty hard case on the outside with good soft material on inside making earphones secure to carry on the go
4) Cable Winder - Made of rubber, makes portability better
5) Airplane Adapter

Build Quality : Housing is made up of coated bright colored wood. Cable has a L-Plug, similar to the meelec M6,M9 cables but more durable and is a bit microphonic.

Isolation : Average when compared to other Meelec IEMs, But isolates a lot whenused with Small single flange tips as the houses just blocks out the noise.
Comfort: Most might find that Small sized tips much comfortable. Other sized tips might not be comfortable, since the bulge of the housing makes it uncomfortable, using comply tips might just solve it

Sound Quality:

Signature: Bass oriented Signature, mostly warm type

Lows: Very deep, smooth and warmness gives a good punch to it
Mids: Not much clear or detailed, slightly recessed, thin sounding than Meelec M6/9, mids might not be much prominent as it is warm. Though, lower mids are smooth, full and balanced, Upper mid range frequencies are harsh

Highs: Not much of treble, enough of it though. Its warm, smoothed down on the treble mostly. Higher trebler frequencies are little recessed, overall a good performer on the highs

Bass: Bass is pretty much full in depth and strength too. Even though its in quantity, its softer and pleasant on the whole making a strong point for the bassheads

SoundStage: Instrument seperation isnt good. Soundstage is below average due to the excess warmness

Final Verdict : Might suit as the cheap and perfect choice for bassheads, built well, can be durable, If you want balanced , neutrality, clarity and detailing, better stay from it.


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