A Review On: MEElectronics M9-BK Hi-Fi Sound-Isolating Earphones (Black)

MEElectronics M9-BK Hi-Fi Sound-Isolating Earphones (Black)

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Pros: build quality, inexpensive

Cons: bad sound, uncomfortable

I was really looking forward to these because I'd heard a lot of great things, but I was very disappointed.


Could not get a good & comfortable fit with any of the included earpieces. One of the dual-flanges sealed but felt like somebody was jamming their thumb into my ear. Ended up using Sony hybrid tips, but still found these uncomfortable.


I can forgive some amount of discomfort if they sounded great. Unfortunately it sounded like I was trying to listen to music underwater. I did like the bass, very loud and tight, but other than that these headphones were unlistenable for me personally. Midrange was so awful it was nearly nonexistent and treble sounded like a badly encoded mp3 from the late 90's, all swirly and compressed sounding. The latter I managed to smooth out with liberal and creative use of Rockbox's brilliant parametric EQ. The former, well, there seems to be no hope for that.


In addition, the housings didn't match...the vent port on the left bud was twice the size of the right!


I did like many things about this set, the cord, plug and accoutrements are all very nice quality, sturdy and classy-looking. Other than the non-matching vent ports there are very well-constructed. Unfortunately I cannot get past the hollow sound. I could see these working out for electronic, hip-hop and other genres where the severe lack of midrange is not an issue.


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