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A Review On: MEElectronics M9-BK Hi-Fi Sound-Isolating Earphones (Black)

MEElectronics M9-BK Hi-Fi Sound-Isolating Earphones (Black)

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Pros: Very nice build, Exciting Sound, Legendary Customer Service

Cons: Deep Insertion is Needed for Best Sound. Some might not like the amount of bass

Let me begin by saying that this is my first review, so try to be nice! redface.gif


Let's begin with build quality....

The twisted cable  is covered in a nice, thick, clear black cover that should fight against abuse very well.  The black metal housings should handle a lot . One thing I didn't like about the build is it's strain reliefs. It tends to get slightly loose. It shouldn't affect the durability much since it still covers the cables, but it can bother you.  Overall, the build is excellent, except for the strain reliefs..


Comfort and Isolation


Comfort was sort of a weaker part of the M9's. The stock single flanges are actually very comfy, but all existing isolation disappears and sound quality is slightly decreased. Very deep insertion is required for the best sound. The double flanges or the Sony Hybrids improves the sound and isolation, but neither of them have the same comfort as the stock single flanges




Yeah, it's still there, but isn't quite noticeable. No microphonics when worn over the ear however.




The M9's seem to do quite a difficult feat. They achieve a mainstream sound signature that non-audiophilics love, while still being able to appeal to audiophiles.



Can be a tad bit excessive sometimes. Every once in a while, the bass shows up when uncalled for.  Should satisfy bassheads.



The M9's is quite satisfying in clarity, though the mids might feel recessed or pushed back.



Unsurprisingly, the highs of the M9's is its weaker point. Although of the astounding detail put out from the M9's, they can be quite harsh at times.



Excellent, thanks to the M9's vented design.



In conclusion...


Mee might have released new and possibly better IEM's that probably beat the M9's in just about every way, but with the lowered street price ( I've seen newegg go as low as $10! ) these still can't be beat. It pretty much destroys anything near it's price range, ( like the Skullcandy Ink'd or the JVC Marshmallows ) 



Thank you  taking your time and reading my review, however amateur it may be, and I hope this helps..!


( Used Un-rockboxed Sansa Fuze with 320 kbps quality and no less. )



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