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A Review On: MEElectronics M9-BK Hi-Fi Sound-Isolating Earphones (Black)

MEElectronics M9-BK Hi-Fi Sound-Isolating Earphones (Black)

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Pros: Excellent Bass, Good Seal, Works Well with the Sansa Fuze EQ

Cons: Microphonics are still there

BASS: Deep. A bit bloated. nicely textured for under $20. Very impactful. 


MIDS: Warm. Very Warm. Even a bit stuffy. The vocals and instruments are recessed. Even if they are recessed, they sound a bit soulful. They take a few steps back and make way for the very strong bass. 


TREBLE: A bit edgy. A bit on the bright side. Fairly detailed. 


SOUNDSTAGE/ACCURACY: Average soundstage. Fairly decent width. Shallow depth and okay accuracy. 


TONALITY: Sounds very colorful and fun. 


GENRE PREFERENCES: Mainly for heavy driven bass and vocal/instrumental genres. Like Electronica, Hip Hop, Alternative and Rock music. 


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