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MEElectronics M9-BK Hi-Fi Sound-Isolating Earphones (Black) Reviews

Positive Reviews


Big sound at a small price!


Pros: Fantastic bass response. Hifi and excellent sound quality for the price. Great build quality for the price. One year warranty.

Cons: Not designed to wear over the ear. Microphonics require using the chin slider and shirt clip. Treble will be harsh to some.

Meelectronics M9 Classic   At the time this review was written, the M9 classic is listed on sale for $9.99 USD. I honestly don't know how the price on these could be this low. Here is a link to their site:   http://www.meelec.com/M9_Classic_In_Ear_Headphones_p/ep-m9-bk-ff.htm   Meelectronics is known for their “bang for your buck” personal audio gear. Over the past few years I’ve purchased several different of their budget models. One thing that has always struck me with their products is that they consistently and routinely offer a level of build and sound quality that surpasses their asking price.   Disclaimer   First and foremost, a great big thank...
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Meelectronics M9 Classic Mini-Review


Pros: Price, Very Good Sound When Modded, Build

Cons: Needs Modding

There aren't many sub-$10 IEMs in the market. With all the recent budget IEMs being priced at around $50, it leaves very little choice for people who are looking for a very cheap IEM. As far as I know, the main choice for many people is the Monoprice 8320 and having heard them, I certainly see why. They are the only IEM I have heard under $10 that actually sounds decent. It is not, however, good in all areas - the cable is a pain and so is the housing. Then I heard that Meelectronics had a new IEM that was going to be priced at $10 and I was certainly rather intrigued, having really enjoyed their A151. I would like to thank Mike for sending me a pair to review.   ...
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Negative Reviews




Pros: build quality, inexpensive

Cons: bad sound, uncomfortable

I was really looking forward to these because I'd heard a lot of great things, but I was very disappointed.   Could not get a good & comfortable fit with any of the included earpieces. One of the dual-flanges sealed but felt like somebody was jamming their thumb into my ear. Ended up using Sony hybrid tips, but still found these uncomfortable.   I can forgive some amount of discomfort if they sounded great. Unfortunately it sounded like I was trying to listen to music underwater. I did like the bass, very loud and tight, but other than that these headphones were unlistenable for me personally. Midrange was so awful it was nearly nonexistent and treble sounded like a...
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A Pretty Mediocre Earphone


Pros: Small form factor, metal body, good bass extension, good noise isolation, narrow jack insert, 45˚ angled plug

Cons: Sibilant, stiff/non-pliable cable, cable microphonics, scrunching sound upon insert, recessed midrange, small soundstage, lacks treble extension

  First of all, a friend gave these to me since they were becoming infrequently used. As a result, I don't have the original packaging, nor the original tips. The primary tips I am using are old V-MODA BLISS (Bass Level Isolating Soft Silicone) tips, though I have tried other ones lying around the house.         Design In terms of the earphone itself, the body is made of a metal material that seems very durable. I have dropped and stepped on them before and although scratches are evident on the surface, no serious damage is seen. On the back-end of the metal body, there seems to be some sort of hole possibly for air flow (see image below). On...
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More Reviews


Hi Fi @ Low Fi Cost


Pros: Sound, Build, Cost

Cons: No Triple-Flanges

First I'll start by listing all the details: Current Price: $10-$15 from amazon.com (MSRP: $24.99); $18-24 for M9P with microphone Specs: Driver: Dynamic | Imp: 16 Ω | Freq: 18-20k Hz | Cord: 4’ 45-degree plug Nozzle Size: 5.5mm | Preferred tips: Triple- Flange Wear Style: Straight down, Over ear can be bothersome due to the deep fit needed for best sound. Accessories (4/5) – Hard clamshell case, shirt clip, single-(3 sizes) and bi-flange silicone tips Build Quality (5/5) – Rock Solid, One of the best cables on an Iem I've seen, better then Iem's costing 10x as much. Isolation (4/5) – Longer housings and included bi-flange help achieve deeper insertion and greater isolation...
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Budget King


Pros: Great Bass Extention, Amazing Sound for Sub-$15 Headphone

Cons: Microphonic, Bass Bleed

I bought these as a replacement for my lost CX 300's, which IMO, were pretty good for the price I paid. These $10 earbuds quickly surpassed my memories of my CX 300's--they sound amazing for $10, and amazing, period. When I listen to these, they sound like they're worth easily 3 or 4 times the price.   The bass is very prevalent in these. For a lot of my music, that's a good thing but the few times I've ventured out of electric and rock genres the sound comes out kinda muddy. They definitely have a really mainstream signature - the bass is boomy, the mids are clear, but the highs are recessed. On a side note, getting a good seal is crucial with these. I replaced the stock tips...
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Still King


Pros: Very nice build, Exciting Sound, Legendary Customer Service

Cons: Deep Insertion is Needed for Best Sound. Some might not like the amount of bass

Let me begin by saying that this is my first review, so try to be nice!    Let's begin with build quality....   The twisted cable  is covered in a nice, thick, clear black cover that should fight against abuse very well.  The black metal housings should handle a lot . One thing I didn't like about the build is it's strain reliefs. It tends to get slightly loose. It shouldn't affect the durability much since it still covers the cables, but it can bother you.  Overall, the build is excellent, except for the strain reliefs..   Comfort and Isolation   Comfort was sort of a weaker part of the M9's. The stock single flanges are actually...
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best budget IEM for under 15


Pros: price, value, decent SQ

Cons: smell of cheap paint/plastic lingers even after 6 mths

It's been a long time since I've gotten these. Before these, I was using the more expensive mainstream IEMs like EP630 and CX300 (which, if you recognize these, are actually the same **** IEMs) and the disappointing CKM50. When I got these, its like I suddenly realized there were actually additional notes in the songs I had been listening for the last couple of years! The clarity is awesome for a under 20 pair of earphones.   SoundQ: Bass: after reading other's reviews and personal experience, I'd say the bass is not for bassheads, but decent enough if you can get a good seal (this is critical). Unfortunately the double flange doesn't quite fit in my ears so I cannot get the...
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Awesome Earphones for a low price!


Pros: Excellent Bass, Good Seal, Works Well with the Sansa Fuze EQ

Cons: Microphonics are still there

BASS: Deep. A bit bloated. nicely textured for under $20. Very impactful.    MIDS: Warm. Very Warm. Even a bit stuffy. The vocals and instruments are recessed. Even if they are recessed, they sound a bit soulful. They take a few steps back and make way for the very strong bass.    TREBLE: A bit edgy. A bit on the bright side. Fairly detailed.    SOUNDSTAGE/ACCURACY: Average soundstage. Fairly decent width. Shallow depth and okay accuracy.    TONALITY: Sounds very colorful and fun.    GENRE PREFERENCES: Mainly for heavy driven bass and vocal/instrumental genres. Like Electronica, Hip Hop, Alternative and Rock music. 
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