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A Review On: MEElectronics M6P-BK Sports Sound-Isolating In Ear Headphones with Microphone/Remote for iPod, iPhone and Smartphones (Black)

MEElectronics M6P-BK Sports Sound-Isolating In Ear Headphones with Microphone/Remote for iPod, iPhone and Smartphones (Black)

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Pros: Incredible value, excellent isolation, great build, superb comfort.

Cons: Poor separation, Recessed midrange, Doesn't wow,

I was looking for an IEM for my girlfriend and these had come up in the budget category a number of times.  After a little bit of waiting I managed to find them on ebay for $19! For that price I ordered a pair asap! Now, normally with headphones it's best to throw some flowery adjectives around to define their sound signature.  However I believe within the ranks of a bottom end phone like this, we can be a little more direct.  



We've all bought a $20 headphone... You know what they're like.  This one breaks the mould.  With a ridiculous name like MEElectronics you'd expect some garbage product made in a back alley in Hong Kong. Not so.  It comes with a variety of tips, very nice cables, and an extremely solid feel.  They fit perfectly in my ear and the tripple flange tip is more comfortable imo than the stock triple flange for the SM3.  And let's be honest here.  These things look fantastic!  


Frequency Response

The top end is a little messy and a bit harsh.  The instrument separation isnt the best either.  It captures high frequency sounds very well but doesnt have the shimmer better phones do.  However, snare drums and the like have a nice little snap about them.  Like others before me have said, the midrange is strangely hollow. Vocals and guitar strums dont entirely jump to life.  Bass is fairly boomy  but deliciously smooth!  The depth is phenomenal actually.  The majority of the above problems were remedied by a little equalizing. Particularly the boominess.  


Signature etc

These dont give me the immediate sensation of realistic imaging or instrument placement.  Also the soundstage is quite claustraphobic for someone like myself (used to akg 701's).  The excellent bass response of these headphones really lends well to pop, electro, techno etc.  



I sound extremely negative here, but that's because these dont compete with a top-tier headphone.  But obviously considering I spend under twenty dollars on them I would give them an A+ in the value department.  They wont do any instrumental music very well; that is, from an audiophile-perspective.  Those genres are simply too revealing of faults.  Now, I think these headphones are priced well enough to be competitive in the consumer market.  Comparing these to skull candy, jvc and other consumer headphones of up to double the price; these are FAR superior.  For people still developing an ear for audio perfection, these are a great place to start your journey.  Enjoy! :D   

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IEM for your girlfriend? Doesn't sound like much of a swap my friend :o)