MEElectronics M6-CL Review

A Review On: MEElectronics M6-CL In-Ear Headphones (Clear)

MEElectronics M6-CL In-Ear Headphones (Clear)

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Pros: Amazing quality, lots of bass, good separation, all for the price.

Cons: lots of bass, can get a bit harsh on the high end, sometimes congested.

These are amazing for the money. These are also my first decent earphones. Good bass, though there is a lot. Can get a bit congested and harsh during frenzied bits of songs. Comfort is good; I think I wore 'em backwards the first few times redface.gif. They're pretty cool looking. I had to use the smallest tips; getting a good fit can be difficult at first. Isolation is perfect; by that I mean that you can still hear important things going on, like that car you were about to step in front of etc.


Again, any criticisms are splitting hairs into atoms for this kind of money. I got these for $20 SHIPPED. 'Twas a killer deal.


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