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Good sound, great build!

A Review On: MEElectronics M 11+

MEElectronics M 11+

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Pros: Metal body, large amount of ear tips, bass

Cons: Recessed mids, lacking sparkle


Packaging – Typical MEElectronics affair with pouch, a good selection of ear tips (10 different pairs!), an airplane adapter and a shirt clip. The clip comes preattached to the cable though and looks like a pain to remove.

Build – Aluminum housing feels very solid. Cable is well built and virtually noise-free when worn over the ear, not bad otherwise. Lack of nozzle filter might call for extra caution when in use.

Comfort – I found no complaints with the comfort. Fit was painless and the small size allows it to sit flush in the ear with ease.

Soundstage – Surprisingly decent considering the design. It’s not massive but the soundstage does expand beyond your head with above average width and depth.

Lows – Based on the impressions I’ve read, I expected these to be bass monsters but that was not the case. The M11+ is definitely bassy, yes, but detail and clarity is still intact. Extension is also quite good. Very well done all in all.

Mids – The midrange is too recessed for my liking. The detail was there but vocals sounded thick and muffled. EQing did help a little but I prefer not having to rely on it.

Highs – Highs are slightly ahead of the mids in terms of quantity but was still lacking. I found them to sound tinny at times and it also lacks the sparkle to make vocals come alive. On the brightside, they were well extended and clear.


When you factor in the deep impactful bass and great clarity alongside its fantastic build quality, it’s not bad for $50 but great at sale price $35. It didn’t do my vocal heavy pop music justice but I can see it excelling at other genres.


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