Light and crisp! Great value for the price!

A Review On: MEElectronics HT-21 Travel Lightweight Headphone with Swivel Cups, Adjustable Foldable Headband (Black)

MEElectronics HT-21 Travel Lightweight Headphone with Swivel Cups, Adjustable Foldable Headband (Black)

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Pros: 1) Comfortable and Lightweight 2) Great Value for the price 3) Good balanced sound

Cons: 1) Mediocre Isolation 2) Slight Sibilance at higher volumes


HT-21 is meelectronics First Portable Headphone. They are already quite famous for their great price/performance ratio with their current IEM's lineup.
Meelectronics describes HT-21 as "Enjoy powerful bass along with class leading clarity and a spacious presentation, extreme comfort, and the convenience of a single cable and folding headband" 
Specifications :
Driver: 40mm dynamic transducer
Impedance: 32 ohm
Sensitivity: 114 dB
Frequency Response: 20Hz~20kHz
Cable length: 1.2m (Left sided), single-sided; 45º plug
Accessories/Packaging: The HT-21 arrives in a fairly standard cardboard box with a plastic window, allowing buyers to see the headphones. Inside, a plastic insert holds the headphones in place and and comes with a bundled drawstring bag, although made from crummy textured plastic it’s a cheap addition that shouldn't figure in your buying decision.
Build Quality : The HT-21 is a closed-back supraaural headphone which can be folded flat and collapsed to save space during transport. The overall feel of the headphone is quite light, which is aided by the plastic material used for the majority of the construction. The ear cups are padded with leather like material. The headbands are flexible for height and the ear cups are also foldable which can be folded flat and could be carried easily in the carry bag included
Cable: The cable is thick and flexible and is well relieved with a hockey stick shaped L-plug
Comfort: These IEMs are very comfortable to wear,being an oval shaped insertion design that allows these to pretty much disappear in ones ears. Deep insertion levels as well as wearing them over the ear are not possible due to the oval shape.
Isolation:  Noise isolation is nearly nonexistent despite their closed-backed design
Sound Quality: 
Burn-in: Its been burned to 100+ hours before the evaluation.
Amped / unamped: Not much of a difference, these are drived easily by even low power sources
Lows: The bass is a bit punchy but it’s not very deep, they do sound tight and well controlled
Mids: There is an overall smooth presentation of the mids and clarity is an obvious strong point that stands out with these headphones.It is crisp, clear and blend well with the highs and tend to lean very slightly towards the cool side of the spectrum on the whole
Highs: They perform the same way as the mids- crisp, clear with decent extension. Though a bit of sibilance can be observed with bad recordings more at high volumes
Soundstage: Sound stage is airy and good for a closed set, definitely ones of its pros, the 3D layering and differentiating is quite good particularly in clarity and control
Final Conclusion : The HT-21s are a great choice for anyone looking for a comfortable and portable set of headphones that won’t break the bank. While not overly proficient in any one aspect, they are certainly competent in all areas. Sound quality is highlighted by excellent clarity with no glaring weaknesses, and the comfort and portability factors round out a nice package


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