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A Review On: MEElectronics CW31 Wooden In-Ear Headphones for iPod, iPhone, MP3/CD/DVD Players (Wood)

MEElectronics CW31 Wooden In-Ear Headphones for iPod, iPhone, MP3/CD/DVD Players (Wood)

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Pros: Small, Comfy even to sleep with, Durable cable, IF u don-t like tips are changeble, Loads of extra stuff

Cons: The cable gives bit of microphonic, if buts set right, all goes well

I used to own MEElecs. George Carlin said that he never was fine and dandy in same moment.


I was.


Now, I am sad to say that I was so careless to lose them in worst possible scenario. They were not in their pouch, in my backpack, but alone. In my pants pocket. With foolish illusion of safety. One moment they were in my jeans, next one they weren't, how- three months later I still wonder... around my room and same road i walk that day hoping I'll find that misfortunate bundle of joy.

CW 31, they were. Got 'em at special price discount directly from MEElec's customer service. My hat to you people, you took my breath away and swiped me from my feet at same time. Yes, you gave me about  50% off-price because of my circumstances, but your product is great as you people are. So, when I ordered 'em, it wasn't having euphoria just because of I was to get best thing in the world I can afford for my money , but I met people that actually helped me.


The moment I got 'em, I was so nervous I could... Well see for yourself:


First month I was bit sceptic. Sound wasn’t as good as reviews were telling. Mids were reserved, bass was not as defined as I wanted, but I wasn’t moaning or bitching- clarence was good and sound stage was really good. They did need a decent burn-in.


And then, I begun to hear my music. James LaBrie was never so compelling, Portnoy never so majestic,  and Petrucci differ himself from all the magic Rudess creted.

Nat King Cole, Nora Jones, Incognito, Miles Davis, All that jazz... My God!


I still remember. Nina Simone took me and sat me on chair with my back to the brick wall of jazz club, and begun. Piano sounds reflected off the wall to me, the smooth drums in front, the base, somewhere around, traveling,  seeking me, teasing. Nina onto the right, on the stage, with that smile of heres.


Oh, the Joy.


Oh, the Happiness.


So, this is what I missed.


Songs I once thought I knew showed volume, but not loudness, sounds painted colours I never knew existed, space gave meaning and took no prisoners. They, CW31's,  took the pointless basse away and gave meaning to all.


Those thoughts kept me on smiling. Yes, I smiled.


And now? I don't listen to music. Now I love silence. Quiet is my companion, for she provides me an option to remember the greatness, the size, the magnitude. To lose my hearing abilities to few poor sounds, the sin it would be.


Farewell, my friend. I stop the search.


This, today, is my last goodbye.

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I have a pair. Against the Klipsch S4's they're more fun but lack the treble of "complete" IEMs