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A Review On: MEElectronics A151-BK Balanced Armature In-Ear Headphones

MEElectronics A151-BK Balanced Armature In-Ear Headphones

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Pros: Accurate sound, great value and good cable/accessories

Cons: Lack of bass quantity

I recently got interested in IEMs and was previously content with my EP-630 and Sennheiser HD428. 

I was getting tired of my EP-630 and decided I wanted to try a new pair of IEMs as the EP-630 had muddy sound but was a bang for the buck back then.


I ended up with ordering two pairs Meelectronics A151 and Hippo VB,  I had a friend who wanted a new pair as well, so we bought these two knowing virtually nothing about sound at the time. This will be compared to the EP-630 as my only reference point.


The review


Coming from the EP-630 I was amazed with the clarity these had. They had much better separation of the different instruments. It's not sibilant to any degree I can hear and it isn't harsh. The lows are detailed enough to hear the various instruments but the quantity of bass is really lacking. The sound seems more or less neutral across the spectrum.



It comes with a great variety of accesories including a case, which can be used when you don't use it. It's not large enough to also have my clip+ in it. It comes with three sizes of single-flanges and bi- and triflanges.


Build quality

It's build quality is great for the price. It is made of plastic but seems rather sturdy and robust. The Y-split is solid and the twisted cable feels really strong compared to that of the EP-630 and Hippo VB.

It comes with a straight plug which I personally don't like.



The included single-flanges provide mediocre isolation the bi-flange and the tri-flange greatly impoves this though. Microphonics are close to nonexistent when worn over the ear.




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