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MEElectronics A151-BK Balanced Armature In-Ear Headphones Reviews


Warm Armatures? You Don't Say...

  I have a proposition for you. I’ll tell you all about the first balanced armature MEElectronics has made if you agree to think about buying them. Deal? Deal.   The A151 is MEElectronics’ first balanced armature IEM, and I must say, it’s a valiant first try indeed in a market saturated with <$100 IEM’s, and we all know MEE’s specialty is dynamic IEM’s right? So are these A151’s subpar? Far from it! Read on! Packaging: The packaging of the SP51 is noticeably more upscale-looking than the previous line’s plastic box. Instead of the clear plastic boxes of yore, the current box is a dark and mysterious paper box with a mirrored inside. Inside, there is a “safety and...
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My New Budget King


Pros: Great All Rounder, Cable, Nice Case, Extremely Comfortable

Cons: Rubber Strain Relief, Box

First of all, I’d like to say a big thanks to Mike of Meelectronics for sending me an A151P for me to review. Meelectronics is a company created in 2005, at which time they made MP3 players. Further down the line in 2010, they started to make their own earphones and headphones and they have further developed their product line. The A151P that I am reviewing now is a revision of the older A151 with an added microphone and one button remote. This is one of their more mid range IEMs and has a RRP of $79.99 but the street price is somewhere around $50. One thing I feel like I have to mention up front is how impressed I’ve been at Mike’s quick responses to emails and my...
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Raphael K

Warm? No, it's cold.


Pros: durable, comfort, economic,

Cons: not warm !

  I bought this stuff in online market. And seller emphasized "WARM SOUND". But my opinion is different. Warm? no, it's cold. Compare with UE600 and this, you will know what I mean. A151 has not enough bass to make sound going to warmmy   twisted cable and durable housing is good for price. design is not a sense. housing is little bit bigger than other BA transducer IEMs.  

My first set


Pros: Great mids and highs, good isolation

Cons: No bass

Ok so I am new to all off this. I have always been into music but never had anything quality to listen to. This is my first pair of decently priced headphone and being use to cheap stuff these are like day and night. They have some great mids and highs but they are really lacking in bass. I use these almost every day but for some types of music it leaves me wanting more.   These do have a break in period, and from what I understand most good ones do. Before this the highs could hurt sometimes but after letting them run for about 100 hours that sound great.

My new favorite IEM?


Pros: Clean pleasing musical sound. Great build quality.

Cons: Slightly artificial sounding instruments at times.

This review is written from the perspective of the A151 stock, no external amp or DAC, to give readers an idea of what to expect if they buy these without an amp/DAC. I would like to thanks Meelectronic's for the review sample of the A151 as well! They are wonderful people and they make fantastic products. Packaging: The A151 came packaged in a black cardboard box with a small window displaying the IEMs. The model is clearly shown in a silver font and the company logo is sitting at the top of the box. On one side of the box the specifications of the A151 are shown such as sensitivity, impedance, cable length and frequency response. On the back some information is told...
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A pleasant journey


Pros: Accurate sound, great value and good cable/accessories

Cons: Lack of bass quantity

I recently got interested in IEMs and was previously content with my EP-630 and Sennheiser HD428.  I was getting tired of my EP-630 and decided I wanted to try a new pair of IEMs as the EP-630 had muddy sound but was a bang for the buck back then.   I ended up with ordering two pairs Meelectronics A151 and Hippo VB,  I had a friend who wanted a new pair as well, so we bought these two knowing virtually nothing about sound at the time. This will be compared to the EP-630 as my only reference point.   The review   Coming from the EP-630 I was amazed with the clarity these had. They had much better separation of the different instruments. It's...
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