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Cheap but not so cheerful

A Review On: MDR-J10/LIMEClip-On Style Headphones in Lime

MDR-J10/LIMEClip-On Style Headphones in Lime

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Pros: They almost never let go of your ears

Cons: They break too easily

I had these in blue years ago in my teenage ignorance.

The sound quality is a tiny upgrade from stock ear buds like the ones with your ipod or zen.

There is more bass and the sound has more punch.


The ear clips work too well. If you snag the cable on something, rather than the buds coming off your ears, they hold tight and the cable gets damaged. A small 'pro' is that these are actually quite easy to repair: simply push a needle through the tiny hole at the back of the bud, pushing the driver out through the front along with the black grill. Similarly the white parts painted 'sony' can be easily pulled off. Then any re-soldering is a trivial matter.


These are just terrible for musical enjoyment, but they never fall off.

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What you said was perfectly right
I got my pair, in green back when I really got into music
Loved them, they died because of a jack joint being warn
So I replaced them, forgot with what
And I noticed a couple years ago that they started NOT making them. So I grabbed a pair of no reason and they sit in my shelf colecting dust.