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Matrix Quattro Dac Reviews

Positive Reviews


Comments on both the DAC and Amp


Pros: Great options and features at this price point

Cons: Can be a little flat

Matrix Quattro Dac and Amp Impressions   If you just want to hear what I thought about the Matrix combo, jump down about five or six paragraphs! This first part may be a bit extraneous for many readers…   First off, major thanks to @project86  for  his generosity in lending out some gear for us Head-Fi’ers to try, but more importantly because this sort of program produces honest feedback on products.  We’ve got no “horses” in this race!  This may be self-evident for an internet forum, but it allows readers to calibrate themselves to different writers.  Everyone here has music preferences, levels of experience, and general biases.  These...
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Negative Reviews




Pros: It works

Cons: Does so many things wrong

I found this DAC kind of meh. $699 (currently on $669 special) is sort of no-mans land is terms of DACs. It's admirable that Matrix put out something at this price point - especially balanced outputs. In terms of my expectations at $699, I wouldn't expect the utmost resolution, but I would at least want something that doesn't do anything terribly wrong.    The impressions below are from the balanced outputs (I think it's fair that this review focus on that, after all, this is a balanced out DAC.) The amp used was an Eddie Current Balancing Act with 7N7 NU tall bottle driver and EML solid-plate 300Bs. Headphones were HD800. Interface was USB from PC with J River.  ...
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From the Review Circuit


Pros: forgiving of poor recordings, good detail

Cons: odd sizzles, uneven bass

If you look at my profile, you'll see that I've got mainly mid-fi sources, so this was my first chance to have an extended listen to higher end gear. I did most of my critical listening with three headphones, modified Grado SR80s, Beyerdynamic DT880/250s, and Grado HF-2. I did try them with customs one evening, with unsatisfactory results I'll go into below. I listened to them as a combo, only, usb out with foobar2000. I don't have a set list of tracks that I use to test gear. Generally I'll come up with a list of things that I'm currently listening to and try to make sure that a range of genres are represented. Partly I do this because I'm just lazy and don't have the patience to listen...
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