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Best sounding amp bar none for the money

A Review On: Matrix M-Stage

Matrix M-Stage

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Pros: Almost everything

Cons: The iggy feet u loose a lot as they are badly glued!

As many said already before me...for the money u wont get better amp..and dont forget to do the class a opa627 opamp mod...as that gives him that extra! U wont regret when u buy this little baby..it even drove my he500 very well! But is best paired with a phone like the he300 or a grado..to my surprise it didnt do well with my iem the westone um3x


Please learn how to type, and give some more information on the amp. What do you have to compare to support the claim that no amp in its price range can compete?
concerning the m-stage mod i did...
check this review

hope this helps a bit..oh yeah..tamaudio has a plug and play opa627 for ur m-stage..its a piece of a cake..
about the rude takato 14...so u know..this amp made me smile every time i listened to it..together with my he300..its a very neutral amp..mids are a bit edgy, the tremble is nice and soft...bass goes very low...but as i said..i used it with my he300..a dark sounding can...last sunday i was on a headfi meet where some people had grado's 325's and ssr 225's and one with a akg k702 and they loved the sound of my mstage (i sold it actually to a grado ssr225 owner the same day!)..and about my review about the he300 on which u, very respectfull (and to be honest ur right with that reaction on that that review!) as i just said..a k702 owner and some grado owners (225/325) loved the sound of my he300 more..they said it was fuller sounding, tremble was less dry then on the grado.and less bright...but grados are faster! the akg guy said he liked the soundstage on his akg more..and i agree with that...funny part is that i just sent my he300 to one of the grado 325 owners..he loved the sound so much he wanted to buy it..so...now have it..sort of..a comparision..and am sorry if my reviews were a bit short..i just wanted to share my feelings and not witing down a cold review..
and about learning to type..maybe u have al the time in the world..i dont..i work..and i am not unrespectfull like u do..i wrote what i wrote as how i feel it..i can write a two page review here..but i didnt...seeing how u react ur maybe a bit to slow to check all the reviews all over the net and on headfi to know what i say is true about both..okay they are not perfect..but..for the price they are a steal!! oops...i apologize if i now sound a bit irritated...and as english is not my native language i probably wrote this down wrongly!..seriously..we are all here to enjoy music..some have long reviews..i am a bit short..but i damn know and believe in what i say...i wont say anything about things i dont own in contrary to some here on headfi!!!...i respect anyone here on headfi..as long they respect me!
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