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Excellent sounding amp for a low price

A Review On: Matrix M-Stage

Matrix M-Stage

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Pros: Great sound, low price, rollable opamps if you are into that sort of thing

Cons: None realy.... maybe the form factor, since it doesn't match other products so can't be stacked well?



That's a link to my full review, which has become a very long thread.


In summary:

The M-Stage is a clone of the Lehmann Audio Black Cube Linear, which is a high end headphone amp selling for around $1k. The M-Stage matches or exceeds the real thing in every aspect. It features a socketed opamp in the output stage so you can upgrade or try different things yourself (the Lehmann does not allow this). It is built like a tank, perhaps not the most pretty thing in your audio setup but it does have a certain utilitarian charm. At this moment I think this is one of the best choices out there for people to experience high end sound at a reasonable price.

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Do you still consider this a great amp for under the 300$ price point? and I am really interested in eventually getting a good quality solid state amplifier. I am currently using the Schiit Vali and my new favorite amp to go to when listening to the DT880s, they just work it together. I will be testing them  the HD600s when they arrive on Friday. Anyways, I am still looking for a solid state that can give me a bit of that wow factor with either of the headphones being used with the ss. So, if you could let me knwo and I would really appreciate  the advice and feedback
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