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Decent portable headphones

A Review On: Marshall Headphones - 'Major' Over Ear (Black)

Marshall Headphones - 'Major' Over Ear (Black)

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Pros: very easy to drive, portable, look good, have microphone

Cons: tight wear, bland sound, overpriced

This is my review of the Marshall Major. I am currently living in Denmark and got these as a christmas present from the company I work for. They retail for a whopping $150 US, and that puts them in a very hard competition. I had a pair of AKG K172 HD, and decided to go for these for my commuting needs.


Build quality/looks

The Major headphones look very nice. They are built quite solid and can handle a fair share of abuse. The jack plug is in the classic Marshall gold color, and seems quite sturdy. The cord is long enough. The headband is metal covered in synthetic leather, again a very sturdy looking combination. All in all great build quality.



The sound is not too bad. It's decent, but lacking detail. The headphones begin to struggle below something like 100hz. Most of the time they struggle with detail, and it sometimes feels like the sound is being muffled. I have used them for hours without pause and the sound isn't tiring. Comparing them to the AKG K172 HD (which at time of writing can be had for $20 more in DK), they fall short in the mids and in the clarity of the sound. The AKGs are not portable at all, so that's certainly something to consider.


The music I found sounded best on these was some more or less hard rock, but that may vary with taste. 



These are very expensive in Denmark for some reason, and they land just in the middle of in the mid-fi sweet spot. As you can imagine I was expecting quite a lot from them, but they were just 'meh'.

The AKGs I mentioned are in the same price range, and they deliver an overall better sound. You can get quite a few 'Name your brand' headphones in the same price range that surely would outperform the Major, but Marshall Major aren't mid-fi headphones, they are streetwear. Seen as street headphones they accomplish the job pretty well, and they easily fit in your bag/purse.


For the $150 they cost in DK they are way overpriced, and should be avoided. If they are down to ~$70 they would be reasonably priced. 


The bottom line: buy them if you want decent, portable sound, but avoid them if you want hadphones for listening at home. (If you reside in Denmark: find cheaper alternatives)


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