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A Review On: Marshall Headphones - 'Major' Over Ear (Black)

Marshall Headphones - 'Major' Over Ear (Black)

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Pros: Build quaity, style, comfort

Cons: Overpriced for the sound

I got these as I needed a pair of portable decent sounding headphones. These fill that role pretty well. 


The design is great! The dark matte finish is soft to the touch, the earcups are small and plastic but feel nice and solid, and the headband has enough padding. Even the box's design is exceptional! 

The non-detachable cable is thick enough but still flexible, doesn't tangle or get in the way. It has a coiled section which is just for show since the coil has a pretty small radius and the section's lenght is just too small to be of practical use. The straight jack is golden plated with a golden stress relief spring which works wonderfully, although I wished the jack was smaller as not to stress the source's female jack too much. They have a mic and a single button control which is also coated in matte painting and has the marshall logo painted on it.


They can fold into a relatively small package and after months of constant use the hinges don't show any sign of wear (although the cups themselves do, with section of the edge of the cup losing the matte coating). The headband is adjustable but if adjusted to a long lenght, the cable wire coming to the drivers limits their movement. We could say their construction is by far the greatest attribute of these headphones. They include a 1/4 in adapter and a neutral plug but don't include a carrying case, something you'd be expecting for the asking price.


At the beginning I thought these would be uncomfortable after a short period of time but I actually found them extremely comfortable; I don't have a small head and my ears are not small by any means, but the earpads are so cushy that I can wear them for several hours without discomfort and just need a few moments to rest, and mostly because of the heat. The earpads are leather(ette?), feel nice, and are removable (although I haven't been able to find replacements, just as a precaution).


If I had to describe the sound with a sentence I'd say they are "dark sounding, with average detail and with some dB drops in very weird frequency ranges, but nevertheless a somewhat fun signature". The bass is powerful and has impact (not bloated or insanely boosted), but is it not tight enough to be pleasing. The mids are good and warm, but they do drop in the mid-highs and mid-lows. The highs are non-fatiguing but they could be a little clearer. All of this make it sound like a pretty terrible pair, but they aren't that bad because of very good instrument separation (thanks in part to those weird dB drops). They work with every genre up to a certain degree, but they are clearly meant to reproduce the electric guitars of rock-related music (they won't blow you away, but for the price the guitars alone offer some real value). They are really easy to drive, too. The sound does benefit from amplification but suffers too! Mid-highs get a boost, but mid-lows don't get a volume boost as the rest of the frequencies so they sound even more recessed


The isolation is good, especially for this kind of headphone. They do leak sound, and it is not the earpads' fault, but the plastic cups that actually transmit the sound through them (weird since they transfer practically no vibration to the headband), but at least nothing gets in. 


As a headset it works remarkably well. I can hear clear voices at loud volumes and the people I've called say I sound loud and clear. It is not crisp clear, but voice calls sound really pleasing. It helps that the headphone rest at the base of the neck and doesn't rub with clothes. 


In conclusion, although they don't have extremely serious flaws, you could get way better sounding headphones for this price but you'd hard pressed to find headphones as comfortable and well built as these. They are also a competent headset that can get to high volumes with portable sources so they are a good smartphone companion.


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