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A new 'old rocker'.

A Review On: Marshall Headphones - 'Major' Over Ear (Black)

Marshall Headphones - 'Major' Over Ear (Black)

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Pros: Good looking, well built, very portable, easy to drive, decent sound

Cons: a bit overpriced, sound quality is slightly below the rest, comfort issues.

Marshall Major



At first I had a hard time with the major and was dissapointed, mainly fit issues and sound. then I learned to "live with it" for what they are.


Build: no complains here, the build up is tough, nothing feels loose or flacid, the headband is well padded but not so flexible, the cups are made of plastic with a rubery feeling to it, hinges are metal attached to the leather( or leather look?) headband with a plastic pieces responsible of the folding. the fold nicely to a small ball, very practical.

the cable is about 1 meter and 1/4 of it is coiled, it doesn get in the way because it is a very thin and dosile and easy to handle cable.


A Design flaw: the cups are fix, they wont move but upside down, not even swivel to the sides a bit, this make them press hard on the back part of your ear, sometimes too hard.


Look: The Major look like an old rocker, something you would match with an old leather jacket and heavy boots. See the picts at the end of the review.


Comfort: the headband is well cushioned and soft, the material is like hard leather on top (black) and brown soft leatherette (below). earpads are square and very soft. They clamp hard, because of teh lack of flexibility of the headband and the lack of movement of the cups makes the bad note here, they can put pressure in the back of your ear and press it against the skull. I used to hate them because of this but playing with the fit I can find a comfortable spot, basically wearing them more in the back that I usually do, so the back of my ear dont get in the edge of the cup, where the pressure is bigger. also the earcushions + pressure makes my ears hot.


Isolation: they manage to Isolate a big deal, over average than most over ear portables.



Sound signature is leaned just a little bit to the dark side, you could tell if you wear them after a bright or neutral headphone. Laid back and mellow sound, something I can listen for hours without getting tired or exahusted. but at the same time sounds powerful and full bodied. all this without the need of an amplifier, tried a couple and all they did was volume up the headphone, and not that it needs it, the clip+ manage to get it at very high volume levels.


Detail is average. not deatil champions by far, but not muddy either. I dont mid using low bitrate recording with it.


The bass hits hard, but it feels loose, not too loose, just not tight either, bass extensions is nothing to call home about but it doesnt lack either, basically mediocre in the bass section. lets say something a bass freak and a regular fella would agree on: the major has adecuate ammount of bass, not too much and not too little.


And the Mids are slighty recesed in the way that you hear the voices warmer than they actually are. but brings out a nice guitar texture, this and the treble makes the whole presentation mellow and laid back.


The highs are clear enough but sound veiled, this helps to the melow and laid back feeling. nothing impressive here.


Final words / Summary

A good all rounder, and would make for a great portable if you dont mind paying what it cost, at $99 it feels overpriced, I could pay $75 and be OK with it, they would be hard to bea in the $60 to $75 price bracket.


The combination of hard hitting bass and warm mids makes them sound powerful for metal and despite the boom of the bass, they manage fast technical stuff pretty damn well. it is indeed a rocker.


Leaving price aside, it is a good package, you get a great looking, well built and decent isolation with a non tiring sound. I can relax with this listening some pop-rock like radiohead, but I can also rock out with some heavier music like Blotted Science and they turn into powerful little bastards. 


This is the thing, soundwise the Major's is not something impressive, but they dont lack either, they just dont do anything bad, for the price, the only problem the Major's have is the fact that is priced in a very competitive area.


Would I recommend it at $100? no, there are better headphones at that price, unless you really dig the look, like I do. if you can get ti at something like $70 or even $80, it would be awesome, though even then they will have to fight against the Sony V6, not an easy rival for any headphone in that price if you ask me.







100_1517.JPG 100_1518.JPG 100_1520.JPG


In its natural form:


100_1522.JPG 100_1529.JPG 100_1531.JPG



Great review you hit the nail! When i bought them the seller had me compare them with a
Bose portable and the marshals sounded more neutral with nice tight bass. Just nice and clean and a good match for my Hifiman. I use them at work and they always manage to impress my collegues as I bother them with my audiophylic gaga.
and indeed they look old rocker very very old rocker
Thanks, do you have comfort issues with them? just checking if i wasnt being to whiney about it.
Good point. As it is an on-ear it has a rather large clamping force but that improves with time.
The on-ear design gives a good seal on my rather large ears, but smaller ears could be a problem. I have more comfort issues with over the ear phones which don't completely cover my ears. e.g. Denon 2000 with original pads
Wearing glasses with them is no problem.
I don't use them for extended listening , mainly for quick healing sensions at work and on the road where they provide more instant excitement than iem's.
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