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A Review On: Marantz SA8004 Super Audio CD/CD Player (Black)

Marantz SA8004 Super Audio CD/CD Player (Black)

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Pros: Great sound and resolution!

Cons: Not a $10K Meridian.. but who cares!

I will keep this short; after years of listening to the best equipment in the world being brought to the few CAN JAM events I had been able to attend. I had pretty much figured out the Meridian and Marantz players were to my ears the best of the bunch in their corresponding price ranges. Being under budget and already having tried several other CD players; I got a great price on an SA 8004 demo piece from Music Direct. To this day I do not regret my purchase, I have rediscovered my music collection; just from MP3s alone they sound revived... CDs just as good.. I cannot complain and I do not see the need to upgrade this player EVER as I am CONTENT. This is something hard for us hifi nuts to restrain from at times due to the marketing bull we are fed all the time about the biggest and best. I waited for years for a decent CD /DAC combo and I got it.. I'm happy.. they might have better machines but the music just sounds right and I do not feel incomplete in my setup.. I just need to find more music at this point.


For those wondering .. I have a pair of Grado GS1000 and 125s.. I have an Grado headphone amp, a Schiit Asgard, an Onkyo receiver..they all sound BETTER regardless of the source. Just note that you will want to find better recording as bad ones are an injustice to be played on the SA 8004.






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